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A Freakstarter

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From the Story Arc "Heavy Metal Doctoring" given by Doc Buzzsaw.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 25-29.

Souvenir's Text

It's out of power now, but you once used this device to give several Tank Freaks the jump-start they needed during an escapade you remember as

Heavy Metal Doctoring

With her plan to build a SuperFreak behind her, Doc Buzzsaw decided to start building regular Tank Freaks locally, instead of bringing them over from Paragon City as the Freakshow had been doing. In order to build her first batch to prove it could be done, she needed certain supplies, which is when you came in. Doc Buzzsaw asked you to steal medical supplies from the Family for her, so she could begin.

With the medical supplies secured, Doc Buzzsaw still needed some more robotic parts. Fortunately, the Council had just shipped in a new batch of robotic spare parts for their own machines. Once you had acquired them, Doc was ready to begin.

Unfortunately, the Family and the Council had token some exception to the thefts, and had captured Doc's first three prototypes. Doc needed all three of them back in order to make her presentation to the other Meat Doctors. You were able to manage it, and for that Doc thanked you and paid you in full. That was the last time you worked for Doc Buzzsaw, as she soon became overwhelmed with requests for new Tank Freaks.

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