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It could use it. A compilation of what is known about what happened.

Here's some background I pulled together real quick. --K26dp 21:28, 16 November 2008 (UTC)

DARK ASTORIA SECURITY CHIEF: The maps say 'Astoria', but this place has always been 'Dark Astoria' to the people of Paragon City. The cemetery up there dates back to the prehistoric era, and there's sort of a spooky quality to it. Of course, very few people go in there anymore - not since the dead started crawling out the ground! We're pretty sure it's the Banished Pantheon behind it all. They've got the magic to do it. You get rid of a few zombies, more come back. Even worse, there's a giant zombie in there. That's why the authorities have abandoned the place. Heroes should go in there only in small teams.

AUTHORITY BADGE: Vambrance pledged that "Dark Astoria will be restored to its natural state. The Freedom Phalanx is committed to saving every part of Paragon City, even those that may seem lost".

HISTORIAN BADGE (Moth Cemetary): This tomb houses the remains of several members of the Midnight Squad, who were murdered during a sneak attack on their secret Terra Volta facility. It was this action that prompted the creation of the United Nations Special Council on Super Human Activities.

RESEARCHER BADGE (1): While Mayor 'Spanky' Rabinowitz was no paragon of virtue, it cannot be argued that Paragon City prospered under his guidance. Historians cannot account for this. Some have theorized that Spanky had some sort of mystical power on his side; it has even been theorized that he sold his soul to a demon in exchange for the city's well-being. After his death, a number of old relics were found in a secret compartment in his private office, including a map of Dark Astoria.

RESEARCHER BADGE (2): Though the details remain unclear, it is rumored that Mayor 'Spanky' Rabinowitz often met with Nathaniel Frost here. Some historians have theorized that Frost paid Spanky to keep the police from investigating the Frost crime ring. Others have posited that Spanky paid Frost to keep the crime ring's activities from becoming violent. The real purpose of these visits may never be known.

RECONNAISSANCE OFFICER: This Hazard zone is what is known as 'Dark Astoria'. Though you cannot see far due to the dense fog in the area, you are in a sort of moden age ghost town. The citizens have perished, but this place is by no means vacant. For the unwary Hero, it's also a death sentance. If you hope to maintain that heartbeat in your chest, you should find some friends or colleagues to help you. Otherwise, one of the spectral wanderers may, sooner rather than later, be you.

See my report for more information. It should give you an idean what to expect:

History: Formerly known as Astoria, this is a place where crumbling magics hold a horrible dark god from the ancient world barely in check. As Mot's bonds loosen, his influence spreads, raising the dead and causing havoc and horror.


- Dense Fog The entire landscape is covered in such a heavy fog that it appears nearly twilight even during the day. -Ghostly Citizens Several citizens perished and their ghosts remain, walking the streets of Dark Astoria. Get too close and they disappear.

One way to get some more info about it is to visit the hazard zone representatives that exist now on Test. They often have a lot of good details. -- Aggelakis 22:06, 16 November 2008 (UTC)

Added background info from reconnaissance officer. --K26dp 15:41, 23 November 2008 (UTC)