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Mission:Sweeps Week: Character vs. the Rogue Isles - Part Four: All in the Family

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Part Four: All in the Family


The Family is your next target. Bobcat found out that they've hired a hero hunter to fight you. The man goes by the name of Crimson Revenant. They say he's the best at taking down heroes; I suppose the Family wants to test him against you.

Now, I should warn you, the Family isn't in this for the money. They're trying to prove a point. You're becoming a big name here in St. Martial, but they believe that this place is their territory.

  • I'll show them who St. Martial belongs to.

What are your plans to show them who the city belongs to?

You decide that after taking care of Crimson Revenant, you'll go to the main city block that the Family owns here and create complete chaos, wrecking everything they own and leaving your mark on them! You explain the plan to Mr. G, who nods.

Excellent plan, Character. Splice has just received word that Crimson Revenant is waiting for you on an old highway in St. Martial. It was a rather... cheery message, very cheery. We'll be keeping the Vanguard helicopter reserved for our long distance flights, as usual. Good luck, Character.

Unnecessary Solicitation

I'm sure you'll handle this with ease, Character.

Mission Objective(s)


You arrive at the spot where Crimson Revenant said he would be waiting for you.

  • Send the Family a message
    • Confront Crimson Revenant
    • Defeat Crimson Revenant
    • Defeat all the Crimson Revenants
    • Defeat all the Family and destroy their cars in Jackpot
    • Rescue Vincent Ross

You've send a message to the Family by causing havoc in their streets!


Badge villain family.png The Family

Notable NPCs

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

The Public Fame event status is as follows:
Public Fame

  • Gain fame by causing chaos! (300/1000)

You defeated all the Crimson Revenants!


If you rescued Vincent Ross in this mission, you are awarded the Remembers Their Friends Badge.

File:Badge i24 StMartial Challenge.png Remembers Their Friends

Vincent Ross was kidnapped by the Family after they found out he had past dealings with you. However, you beat the Family down and rescued Vincent Ross, showing the Rogue Isles that you remember your friends.


Splice is reporting that the internet is teeming with people commenting on your videos, Character. You're becoming quite the sensation. Most of your opponents have backed down, including a good amount of the Family.

This is actually quite fortunate for us, as we've been able to pinpoint where Wu Yin is. Splice did a trace and discovered that someone was talking to the Carnival, the Family, and every other group that was after you. They're still trying to send a signal right now to the Family, which means we know exactly where Wu Yin is hiding.