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Mission:Common - Get the Clockwork out of the warehouse before the Skulls get involved

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Get the Clockwork out of the warehouse before the Skulls get involved


The Clockwork have taken over a warehouse in Kings Row, and it's one that the Skulls claim is on their turf. You have to get the Clockwork out of that warehouse before the Skulls get involved. You have 60 minutes to defeat the Clockwork.

Mission Acceptance

Hurry, before the situation endangers the public! Time is of the essence!

Unnecessary Solicitation

Tick, tock! That situation in Kings Row is coming to a head, get on it!

Mission Objective(s)

The air ahead crackles with electricity, and empty Dyne ampoules on the floor betray the presence of the Skulls.

  • Defeat all the Clockwork and Skulls - 60:00

Success - You defeated the Clockwork and Skulls
Failure - There is no failure text


Badge villain clockwork.png Clockwork
Badge villain skulls.png Skulls


Completion of this mission earns a hero the Negotiator accomplishment badge. The badge will award for either success or failure of the mission.

File:Badge stature 01.png Negotiator

You were instrumental in stopping a war between the Clockwork and the Skulls.


Mission Failure: The Skulls got word a bit earlier than we hoped. I know you tried your best.

Mission Success: Thanks for keeping the peace in Kings Row!