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Known Issues

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This is a listing of bugs identified by players which are not listed as part of the official list of known issues.

'Known Issues' are well known and reproducible game bugs where the game is not working as intended (presumably) by the Developers.

It is not a wish list of features or a critique of mechanics or style which is working (presumably) by intention. Nor is it a list of occasionally appearing bugs whose origin is unknown or not yet reliably reproducible (these may actually be problems of a player's graphics card, for example, and not a 'game bug').

See also: Pages marked with the Bug Tag


Losing EAT Access

Occasionally, patches will "unflag" an account with access to Kheldians and/or Soldiers of Arachnos. The player will not be able to create an epic archetype until logging into a level 20 the appropriate faction. If the player no longer has (deleted) their level 20 of the appropriate faction, the player is no longer capable of making epic archetypes of that faction until they gain another 20.

Close to 50,000 Days Offline

The log-in character screen sometimes reports that a character has been offline for close to fifty thousand days. This happens when your computer's clock is behind the server's record of when you were last online and generates a negative number of days offline which is interpreted in machine code as a really big number instead. If your computer's internal clock is correct, then this will resolve itself either in the next log-in or within a few days. This figure does not affect anything else in the game, such as determining when Veteran Rewards are granted or Day Job Badges are earned.



Half Cape

The Valkyrie pattern on the half cape went missing. If the Valkyrie pattern is supposed to be available for the half cape, then presumably these other pay-for patterns should also be available for the half-cape: Occult, Arcane, DVD Edition Cape (Four Winds), COV DVD Edition Cape (Arachnos).

Full Cape

From level 1, all the other Double Shoulder mantle options (Full, Half, Asymmetrical, Over Shoulder Mantles) have the Valkyrie Pattern. So, presumably they should also have the Occult, Arcane, DVD Edition Cape (Four Winds), and the COV DVD Edition Cape (Arachnos) patterns -- but they don't. All those patterns, however, are available on the High Collar Cape from level 1 onward, which is inconsistent.

High Collar

From level 1, the High Collar has these options for Male and Huge Models:

  • Basic > no detail2
  • Occult > no detail2
  • Arcane > no detail2
  • Long Cape > all standard patterns
  • COV DVD Edition Cape (Arachnos) > no detail2
  • DVD Edition Cape (Four Winds) > no detail2
  • Valkyrie > no detail2

Notice how having the Magic Booster High Collar Capes allows you at level 1 to basically have any cape in the game. You want a cape with the fire logo or the Arctic cape? Just chose High Collar and Long and you can have it from level 1. The only thing missing here is a High Collar Short Cape option with all the standard patterns.

Notice that these were the options for Male and Huge Models. For the Female Model at level 1 only this was available under High Collar:

  • Basic > no detail2
  • Arcane > no detail2
  • Valkyrie > no detail2

Not only were the Long and DVD capes missing, but so was the Occult Cape which is very much a part of the Booster Pack. The Occult Collar was also missing for the Female Model.

Female Capes

Once capes are unlocked, the Female Model has High Collar > Short Cape as an option, but the capes are not short, they're still long. (Also, Occult is still missing.)

Crab Back Packs on Second Build

If you create a dual build Soldier of Arachnos and one build is a Crab and, thus, has the Crab Back Pack, then the other build, even if it is not a Crab Soldier, will also have a Crab Back Pack.

User Interface

/chantimeout Command Not Working

Certain global chat channels are unable to continue to use the /chantimeout command. While the command initially worked with the release of Issue 18, it was broken in a later patch on August 26th, 2010 or August 31st, 2010. It was escalated to a bug report by GM_Roland and sent to quality assurance for resolution by GM_Gabriel on September 3rd, 2010.

Oversized Windows Can't Close

This is noted on the Official Known Issues: "800 x 600 resolution prevents some windows from being closable, like the enhancement description window in the tutorial." The workaround is to zone or enter/leave a mission, or, use one of the following slash commands:

/dialog_answer choice - Answer dialog with button matching the provided text choice (ok, yes, no, cancel, or accept)
/dialog_no - Answer OK, No, or Cancel to current dialog
/dialog_yes - Answer OK, Yes, or Accept to current dialog
/gamereturn - Leave fullscreen, close dialogs, and close non-essential windows. Alias: /window_close_extra

Petsay Binds

As of Issue 13, code has been added to prevent players from crashing other players clients through tags that use angle brackets (the greater than and less than signs, <, >).

As of Issue 18 this has been fixed for almost all binds and macros with one exception: Newly made /petsay binds can't parse the angle brackets. However, petsay macros do work.

As a workaround, you can use the /beginchat in a bind to put the petsay command into the command line and then just hit enter. E.g.:

/bind <key> beginchat "/petsayall <emote dance>"

Will put /petsayall <emote dance> in the command line. Then just hit enter.

Window Transparency Setting

It doesn't stick. Every time the options window is opened the slider moves toward zero.

Workaround: The transparency of the windows can be set with the /window_color command. It takes an argument of four integers from 0 - 255 each separated by a space. The four integers set the Red, Green, Blue, and Alpha (transparency) values. And so, e.g.,

/window_color 0 255 0 100 -- would yield very green window borders that are nearly half transparent with the window space on the inside nearly invisible.
/window_color 200 0 200 230 -- would yield very purple borders about 60% opaque and an inside window about 90% opaque.

Such commands can be set to a bind or macro or popmenu for quick resetting. Or it can be bound to an often used command so that it's constantly being reset without having to think about it.


Here are UI design 'problem areas' for the colorblind:

  • The blue v. green ribbon of the book icon in the contact window which indicates minor v. major story arcs. Workaround: hover your cursor over the icon for the tooltip. Or try a player-made overlay that replaces the major arc icon with something clearly different from the minor arc icon. See this forum thread.

Combat Monitor Attribute Name Issue

Some Attributes cannot be called properly using the /MonitorAttribute slash command. For example, the Attribute "Energy Defense" cannot be loaded this way: Using the name "Energy Defense" will only add the Attribute "Negative Energy Defense" and trying to use "Energy Resistance" will actually display "Negative Energy Resistance". (These two particular Attributes are a known issue, but has not been addressed yet.)

In Mission or In Supergroup Base?

Sometimes the status indicator of teammates will incorrectly list where they are. If they go to the Supergroup Base, it will say that they're in the mission. If they go into the mission, it will sometimes say they're in their Supergroup Base. There is no known workaround to make it show their correct location.

Real Numbers and Info

Team Teleport

The right click info and the enhancement screen info list the range of Team Teleport as 25 ft. It should be listed correctly as 225 ft.

Travel Power Status Icons

When you right click a travel power icon under your health bar the 'real numbers' that display are not necessarily understandable or reflect your actual Speed. However, the 'real numbers' concerning travel powers that display under the Combat Attributes and Monitor windows are correct. Here's a breakdown of the numbers shown by the travel icons:

  • Sprint: The Running Speed shown is the base running speed plus the buff the Sprint power is adding. It does not include other RunSpeed buffs the character may have.
  • SuperSpeed: The Running Speed shown is the base running speed plus the buff the SuperSpeed power is adding. It does not include other RunSpeed buffs the character may have. Since this may be over the RunSpeed cap, it can be a much higher speed than what you are actually running.
  • Flight: The Flying Speed shown includes the base flying speed an extra three times, making that number ridiculously high. This happens more than likely because, internally, there are an extra three buffs/debuffs to flying speed which normally cancel each other out and each one is adding in the base FlySpeed to the final buff equation.
  • Hover: The Flying Speed shown includes the base flying speed an extra two times, making that number ridiculously high. This happens more than likely because, internally, there are an extra two buffs/debuffs to flying speed equation.


Lady Grey Task/Strike Force

In the last mission, there is a graphical anomaly in last room where at the entrance to the room large sections of the room are no longer drawn. Moving away from the entrance restores visibility.

Mayhem Safes and MM Pets

MM Pets won't attack the safe door unless they are first moved to point blank range of the door.

Mayhem Ambushes Missing

The usual ambushes of Longbow that occur aren't happening. The Paragon Hero and cohorts show up when the safe door is destroyed, but no one else.

Arachnos Maps: Momentary Freezing

When approaching the huge multi-story room or the huge jail cell room on an Arachnos tile map, the game freezes from 2 to 10 seconds. That is 'normal' and everyone on your team will experience it as that extra large section of the map is populated with spawns and sent to your client and drawn by your computer.

Extreme Lag in Imperious Task Force

The third mission in the Imperious Task Force causes extreme sever-side lag which not only interrupts game flow, but also causes players to disconnect on frequent occasions.

Mission Door Waypoint in Port Oakes

Sometimes a waypoint for a mission in Port Oakes leads to an empty space or points to somewhere deep underground, but there are no tunnels down there on the map. Workarounds include...

If it's an empty space waypoint, the door is usually in sight nearby. One can click around to find it. Or, occasionally, the waypoint on the mini-map is right and expanding that map and moving yourself to that location will help find the door.

If it's a waypoint that points deep underground, it's usually a problem with the lobby of the main building in Port Oakes (the one that houses the VillainGroup Registrar and some Store Contacts), which is indeed physically located under the map (and not actually at street level in the building). One can try going into that lobby and clicking all the doors there.

Sometimes choosing a different mission and back to the problematic mission will clear up the wayward waypoint. Or sometimes zoning out and back into Port Oakes will fix it. Or, one can /petition it and wait for a GM. Or, the mission can be dropped.

Mercedes Sheldon's Arcs in Flashback

Mercedes Sheldon's arcs are not granting Ouroboros badges when flashbacked. (CoH Board post)


Coralax spawns in The Hollows

As of July 12, 2009, the Coralax are spawning as if they were normal spawns, in full view. Normally, they are hidden spawns, untargetable and only appearing when a player of the appropriate level gets near, or they are aggroed by a power.


Paragon Rewards Attacks Not Listed in Email

Some players will not have all of the three Paragon Rewards attacks available even if they qualify for them. This will occasionally affect only some characters on a single account (typically older characters that were created pre-Freedom and the change from Veteran to Paragon Rewards).

The workaround is to type the following into the chat line: /accountcertificationclaim alt_ltlbsamu

Oil Slick Not Working in MA

In Mission Architect missions, the Oil Slick will con as a blue friendly critter and not as an orange targetable and attackable critter. So, in MA missions, when you try to light the slick with an attack, you'll wind up actually hitting what the Oil Slick is targeting through assisting and not hit the Oil Slick at all.

Auto Power not Firing

When one targets an object or NPC which is not a valid object to attack, a power that has been set to auto-fire will not go off, even if it's not an attack power, such as Hasten. Hitting escape (ESC) to clear the targeting field or targeting an attackable object/NPC will fix this and the auto power will start firing on its own again.

This is technically not a known issue. This was implemented on purpose, mainly in response to the players who linger in the auction house with a click power on auto.

Team Teleport

In multiple, successive Team Teleports, teammates and pets sometimes are not caught up in the next Teleport and drop out... literally drop.

Group Fly

  • Teammates and pets set on follow can be easily outpaced and then they drop out of Group Fly... literally drop. And speed buffs the caster has does not get passed onto those affected by Group Fly making matters worse.
  • In the case of Masterminds with many pets set on follow, they wind up jostling each other while following causing them to sometimes pause to figure out the right path to follow, which then causes them to drop out of Group Fly.

Portable Workbench Accolade

If you summon a portable workbench and then move some distance away from it, it looks like it will appear near your new position. This is just the graphic though. Clicking on it will not allow you to create inventions. The workbench remains in the place it was originally summoned, though it is now invisible.

Ouroboros Portal Interrupting Zone Teleporters

When a player uses an Ouroboros Portal, the disappearance of that portal once the player steps through interrupts the use of any other players' zone teleporting power (teleporting to base, Pocket D, mission, Wentworths or the Black Market). This interruption is long range, about 500 ft., and even interrupts out of line of sight.


Broken Beacon Art

The beacons for Grandville and Pocket D point to the 'broken' art versions as if they were not working due to being destroyed in a raid when, in fact, they do work.

Mission Architect

Escorts on Timed Missions

Successfully leading an escort on a timed mission will cause that mission to fail. Workaround: Take out the lead escort out goal or the timed goal.

Fire on Kill All Maps

Maps with Fires on them (such as the Nerva Primeval beach) are counting those Fires as foes for the sake of a kill all mission. Since the Fires are untargetable, kill-alls on those maps are impossible to complete.