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Guido Verandi

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Guido Verandi

Guido Verandi is an Elite Boss for the Mooks, as well as its leader.

When the former governor of Port Oakes Don Manuel Marcone was arrested by Interpol, leaving a power vacuum, it sparked a gang war between his son, Emil and his former consigliere, Guido “the Mooch” Verandi.(1)
Emil claims the governorship is his by right of blood. Guido has a more “enlightened” view and says there’s no such thing as bloodlines in Arachnos’ “republic.” (1)
Acting as Manuel Marcone’s top advisor for decades, Guido has the experience, skill, and ruthless nature to step into Marcone’s place.
An effective enforcer, Verandi has gathered his own band of followers who struggle to place him as governor. These followers, the Mooks, believe that bloodlines mean nothing in the world of Arachnos where might makes right.
Convinced that Lord Recluse will award him Port Oakes if he first takes Port Oakes, Verandi hopes to destroy Emil Marcone thus ushering in a new era of prosperity and global influence for his organization.
Lord Recluse could easily end this pointless fight if he were simply to appoint a governor. He finds the fight amusing, however, and firmly believes in “survival of the fittest.”
He’ll wait and see who earns the governorship. It won’t hurt to erode the Family’s power a bit in the meantime—they were becoming a bit too strong for Recluse’s tastes. (1)

Villains may find him:


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Guido 'The Mooch' Verandi is the head of the Verandi Family on Port Oakes. Typical of the Family, he is ruthless, efficient and deadly. He has often crossed paths with the Marcone Family.


During the mission Capture Guido 'The Mooch' Verandi:

Before combat:
Combat start: Who is dis guy? Ice' em!

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