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Zag Security Badge

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From the Story Arc "Zag Breakout!" given by Shadowy Figure.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 25-29.

Souvenir's Text

This is a badge taken from one of the Zag security guards at Agincourt in the Nerva Archipelago. You acquired it in a tale you like to call:

Zag Breakout!

It all started when a shadowy figure in the alleys of Crimson Cove informed you that certain interested parties were interested in hiring out your services. Traveling to Sharkhead Isle, you met with Lorenz Ansaldo, a troubleshooter for the Family. He passed on to you a large brown envelope containing security information on the prison facility known as the Zag located in the Longbow stronghold known as Agincourt. The envelope also had information on a known Family sniper and demolition expert called James O'Clary who was a prisoner in the Zag. You spoke with the shadowy figure and he set to work on getting the final details necessary for springing O'Clary from the prison.

The shadowy figure said you need to acquire a set of passcodes to get past the Zag security doors from a Longbow base. In order to prevent Longbow from initiating a prison lockdown after you stole the passcodes, you needed to get a prototype Ultra-Jammer from one of Dr. Aeon's labs in order to stop all outgoing transmissions. After defeating a number of Arachnos guards, you stole the Ultra-Jammer from the lab safe.

You broke into the Longbow base, planted the Ultra-Jammer and stole the Zag security passcodes. Taking the passcodes, you slipped into the Zag proper to break out James O'Clary from his cell.

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