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Willpower/Super Strength Tanker Guide

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A themed guide for Willpower/Super Strength tankers

Amazons have had a presence in Paragon City since at least 47 BC, the fateful year in which Julia Victrix, First Consul, led her legions across the Red River, and issued that fateful command:

Vadite. Venamini. Trucidate calvarias!

This brief introduction seeks to instruct the tiro in the physical disciplines and military arts judged most fitting to the traditions and lore of the Amazons.

I. Considerationes primæ de originibus artibusque

Of the several labels given by the Paragonians as sources of our abilities, three explanations are most frequently used. First, that our strength is simply a gift of Nature. Second, that since they know not our gods (nor their own, it seems), our gifts are sorcerous in nature. Third, that we represent mutants, violations of the natural order.

In truth, we are what they would call "technological", since the holy Axe, a sword, or a mace, is all the technology anyone should require. But do not tell them this, else their authorities will assign us the tiresome task of picking up after their broken robots. You may pick whichever you choose.

As to which disciplines are best suited to the cultivation of our way of life among the Paragonians, we have come to recommend especially those that require nothing but the cultivation of the body and mind: for it is in this wise that the barbarian male is chiefly deficient; as again, Julia Victrix observed at the first encounter with the lesser sex - "Utrum nescis an nequis?" Indeed, as it was said of old, "viri molles, et vim carent."

II. De potestatum selectione et ordine

The arts of the cultivation of mind and body are called among the barbarians "Willpower" and "Super Strength". The average Paragonian, as you will learn, has little use for either, especially among the males, who likely as not are drug addicts who crowd together in deserted areas to seem more fearsome than they are. The women are, as expected, made of somewhat more solid stuff - some show commendable tenacity in seeking to retain their property which the men seek to pry from their hands - but few have had the training to achieve their true potential. Throughout your sojourn there, you will find people, men and even women, who are said to be physicians or hold high offices of state, but who will require your rescue, and when rescued will get lost trying to find their way around a box or pipe. Truly these people need instruction from a superior culture.

These disciplines must be selected, and then practiced; a process that is called "power selection" and (mysteriously) "slotting". Of the various disciplines that fall under this rubric, we will consider the ones we consider most worthy of taking; and the ways they should be improved.

Some tradesmen offer exotic versions of these enhancements, which are said to increase their power by using several of the same kind. These things are available chiefly to those who have access to ancient treasure, or to those upon whom lady Fortuna smiles. Neither of these blessings is assumed by this treatise, which confines itself to those which can be learned in their schools and bought at their crafting tables.

Level I

High Pain Tolerance

Priority: High Recommended slots: 6 Practice: Healing (first) x3, Damage Resistance (second) x3

An Amazon learns to tolerate pain. This ability will, when taken, make you substantially harder to kill, and gives good, if not excellent, ability to endure physical attack.


Priority: Inescapable, but low Recommended slots: 3 to 6 Practice: Endurance reduction (x1), Accuracy (x2), Damage (1-3)

You cannot avoid taking this attack, a "super strength" attack that does little more damage than a punch from someone who makes no such grand claims to strength.

Level II

Fast Healing

Priority: Highest Recommended slots: 3 Practice: Healing x3

By this art, you will recover your health much faster than normal. Only one sort of improvement is possible

Level IV


Priority: Medium Recommended slots: 6 Practice: Endurance reduction (x1), Accuracy (x2), Damage (1-3) or Recharge (1)

The first attack worthy of the name "super strength", this does high damage to a single target.

Level VI

Indomitable Will

Priority: Low Recommended slots: 4-5 Practice: Endurance reduction (1-2); Defense Buff (3, at your leisure)

This power needs to be taken immediately. Slot it for endurance reduction first: for this will be the power you turn on when rising. It protects you against those who would control your mind or body through fear or restraint.

You may eventually want to add slots to this; those slots will help you avoid direct attacks aimed at your mind. But adding these slots is not a priority, and can be postponed until late in the game, when they are plentiful. Adding slots will not improve the strength of its other abilities.

Level VIII

Rise to the Challenge

Priority: Highest Recommended slots: 4-6 Practice: Endurance (1-2), Healing (3); optionally Taunt (1)

By this art, you will recover your health quickly; and the challenge represented by a number of enemies will make this ability even stronger. You may wish to defy them by adding Taunt, making this stance even more provocative to them. A vital and necessary ability.

Level X


Priority: High Recommended slots: 3 Practice: Recharge x3

The legends say, an Amazon is swift of foot and swift of mind. This is the first ability outside the defining ones of Willpower and Super Strength. At this point, your defenses will be quite strong compared to the foes you will face, but you have not learned many of the attacks you will wield. Hasten allows us to fight faster and harder, and thus to defeat the foes more quickly. There is a small penalty of exhaustion when it wears off.

Level XII

Quick Recovery

Priority: Highest - 3 slots immediately Recommended slots: 3 Practice: Endurance Modification x3

Take this power immediately when it becomes available. The discipline of an Amazon, our ability to continue fighting long after the mere males are exhausted, is definitive.

Level XIV

Super Speed

Priority: Low Recommended slots: Default Practice: Running Speed

The ability to run swiftly was attributed to the Amazons of old - Atalanta, Camilla, and Penthesilea all possessed such powers.

Know, however, that other such abilities exist, that have the advantage of being able to move into the skies as well as across the earth. You may obtain several temporary abilities using devices as rewards for guarding property in Paragon City. These should be tended carefully and used only when needed, and turned off immediately when no longer needed. You eventually will fly. But not yet.

Level XVI

Air Superiority

Priority: Medium Recommended slots: 6 Practice: Endurance reduction (x1), Accuracy (x2), Damage (1-3)

This attack prepares us for flight. It is worthy in its own right, and knocks men onto the most used but least useful part of their bodies.


Heightened Senses

Priority: Medium to high Recommended slots: 4-5 Practice: Endurance reduction (1-2), Defense Buff (3)

An Amazon is aware of her environment. This ability enables us to guard against the foul magics and sciences of the enemy, and offers some ability to perceive those who would come against us by stealth.

Level XX

Mind over Body

Priority: High Recommended slots: 4-5 Practice: Endurance reduction (1-2), Damage Resistance (3)

By this art, we can add greatly to our ability to resist direct physical attacks. It is somewhat tiring to maintain the stance, though, so it can be dismissed when not needed.

Level XXII

Knockout Blow

Priority: Medium Recommended slots: 6 Practice: Endurance reduction (x1), Accuracy (x2), Damage (1-3)

Perhaps the first attack that shows our full potential. Take it, improve it, and use it liberally.

Level XXIV


Priority: Low Recommended slots: Default Practice: Taunt

An Amazon lives to guard the weak. Taunt allows us to do this, by commanding and diverting the attention of the enemies. We deserve all of the attention in any case.

Level XXVI


Priority: Low Recommended slots: 1-2 Practice: Running Speed (1-2)

An Amazon leads. By this discipline, you will be able to slightly outstep your cohort and ensure that you and not they are the ones that lead the charge into battle.

By this art, you may begin to cultivate your physical well being and endurance even more.



Priority: Medium Recommended slots: 3-4 Practice: Recharge (3), To Hit Buff (optional, 1)

Rage is a dangerous tool. We lose our composure at our hazard. Yet, when unleashed, an Amazon's rage is a fearsome wonder to behold. Take care, though, that when your rage is ended, you may withdraw; for you will need time to recover.

An Amazon whose job is chiefly to defend weaker members of her cohort should avoid unleashing her rage prematurely. You do not need to put yourself in a position where you have been disabled by its aftereffects, and use it only when final victory is within reach, or to tilt overwhelming odds in your favour.

Level XXX


Priority: High Recommended slots: 3 Practice: Healing x3

By this stage of your sojourn among the Paragonians, you will have noticed that many of them live in filth, the unfortunate debris of their incomprehensible industries. Your goal is to rise above them.


Strength of Will

Priority: Highest Recommended slots: 3 Practice: Damage Resistance x3

By heroic efforts, you can endow yourself with armor almost as mighty as Minerva's aegis, for a short time. This power should be used with some caution, in that its use is exhausting, and its return is governed by divine laws that cannot be hastened by any mortal artifice.

At this stage, your journey nears completion. The remaining abilities can be selected mostly in any order desired, depending on what seems most pressing.

Level XXXV


Priority: High Recommended slots: 3 Practice: Endurance Modification x3

One of the two chief qualities men lack.


Foot Stomp

Priority: Medium Recommended slots: 6 Practice: Endurance reduction (x1), Accuracy (x2), Damage (1-3)

We strike the earth and make it tremble. Useful for getting the enemy's attention.

Level XLI


Priority: Lowest Recommended slots: 1-2 Practice: Accuracy x2

A feeble attack, needed for a valuable ability.

Level XLIV


Priority: Low Recommended slots: 3-5 Practice: Endurance Reduction (x2), Damage Resistance (1-3)

This discipline, perhaps one of the more useful discoveries made by the males, will markedly improve your ability to resist physical attack. The only point of Boxing is to enable this ability.



Priority: Medium Recommended slots: Default Practice: Fly

Sisterhood with the air enables us to overcome vertical obstacles, after the devices we have been rewarded with have been exhausted.

Level XLIX


Priority: Medium Recommended slots: 3-4 Practice: Accuracy (x2), Hold Duration, Recharge

The ability to rope and hold men helpless is a defining Amazon ability. This one enables you to keep an enemy helpless at range.


The following powers of the primary and secondary are available, but not taken in the proposed build. You may substitute them if desired:

i. Primary:


The ability to resurrect yourself, it provides a brief power boost when resurrected, followed by a period of debility. Prepare, instead, not to die, and if you must, face it bravely.

ii. Secondary


Depending on perspective, this is either a slower but more powerful version of Jab, or a weaker but faster version of Haymaker. Since you must take Jab, and can take Haymaker by the time it becomes practical to take this, there is no reason to prefer the weak to the strong.


An attack which does no damage, but can scatter your foes and disorient them briefly. Useful at times, but largely redundant to Foot Stomp.


You rip a chunk of earth or masonry from your feet and toss it at an enemy, seeking to bring them to earth.

Most unseemly. And since you will eventually take to the air and fly, and there you can knock down the flyer directly, somewhat unnecessary.