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Will of the Earth Sample

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From the Story Arc "An Unnatural Order" given by Eliza Thorpe or Lorenzo Tate.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 25-29.

Souvenir's Text

Will of the Earth Sample

You've kept this sealed sample of the Devouring Earth's strange mutagen, the Will of the Earth. It's a reminder of the adventure you've come to think of as:

An Unnatural Order

It began when your contact sent you to investigate a Devouring Earth raid. After stopping the destruction, you learned that the creatures were after some biotechnology equipment. So it came as no surprise when your contact sent you to protect Lomad Labs, a biotechnology firm, from the creatures. However, you were appalled to learn that, in addition to equipment, the Devouring Earth was making off with Lomad's scientists.

You hastened after the kidnapped scientists and managed to rescue many of them. One of the hostages informed you that the Devouring Earth had also abducted several mystics from the area. Your contact sent you to a nearby Council base to seek clues to the location of these missing magicians. A Council file tipped you off to the Devouring Earth's base location, and you saved the missing mystics. However, you learned of two more hostages the Devouring Earth still held in its clutches.

You set off at once to rescue Professor August P. Lovelethe and Dr. Achilles Theron. Although you saved the professor, you learned that Dr. Theron might not want to be rescued. Indeed, it seemed he was in league with the Devouring Earth!

The doctor planned to help the Devouring Earth release a terrible mutagen into the city's water system. You prevented this vile plan, and recovered a sample of the mutagen, the Will of the Earth. It was strange stuff, this mutagen. You could hear a mental voice emanating from it. By listening to this voice, you were able to track down the last remnants of the mutagen. In doing so, you came face to face with the treacherous Dr. Theron. You defeated the doctor, now a hideous Devouring Earth creature, and recovered the Will of the Earth.

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