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Memo to self

Pages that are blank:

Elite Igniter
Elite Stonethrower

Items of questionable Existence:

Tesla Cage
Improved Sapper
Elite Sapper

Items missing from logical progression:

Improved Energy Beam Added in I18

CmdrAdeon 22:50, 18 November 2009 (UTC)

Redraw Post from BABs keeping for future reference CmdrAdeon 18:26, 2 December 2009 (UTC)

Misc - quick chat menu - pop menu - resistances - enhancement standardization

Buff Bars option set

/optionset buffsettings 2110240

add up all the options you want and use that with /optionset Buffsettings command. Code:

1 status window hide auto 2 status window hide toggles 4 status window no blinking 8 status window no stacking 16 status window numeric stacking 32 status hide buff numbers 64 status stop sending buffs 128 -- 256 group window hide auto 512 group window hide toggles? 1024 group window no blinking 2048 group window no stacking 4096 group window numeric stacking 8192 group window hide buff numbers 16384 group window stop sending buffs 32768 -- 65536 pet window hide auto 131072 pet window hide toggles? 262144 pet window no blink 524288 pet window no stacking 1048576 pet window numeric stacking 2097152 pet window hide buff numbers 4194304 pet window stop sending buffs

Damage Formula

AREAMOD = (1+(0.75*(RADIUS/5))-(((0.011*(RADIUS/6))*(360-ARC))/5)
DMG = (0.2*((RECH*0.8)+1.8)) / AREAMOD
END = 5.2 * DMG