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Player Information
Globalchat.png This user's global chat handle is @Thirty-Seven.
Badge vr months 051.png This user is Tried and True.
Align Status Rogue.png This user's main character is a Rogue
Total Altaholic.gif This user suffers from Altitis and possibly Altsheimers as well. Fortunately for this user, neglect of player characters is not a crime… yet.
V badge TimeSpentBadge.png This user's time zone is Eastern.


I have never before attempted to work with editing a Wiki, but have used this site so frequently, I feel it is only fair, in a way, to try to improve it in what areas I can. I am exceedingly willing to learn about this process, and with my background in programming (in High School, and a little in College), I hope to be a fast learner.

About Me

I have been playing City of Heroes since just after the release of Issue 10 (September of 2007). I began playing on a Controller (Wylde-Fire at the time) on Infinity Server, and have been hooked ever since. I have expanded to playing on Justice, Guardian and most recently Exalted as well. Wylde-Fire has since gone Rogue, and now resides on Justice as Pointsphere, my resident Badging character.

Personally, I am from Wisconsin but now reside in Michigan and am in the homestretch of my Masters of Social Work program. I live with my significant other (who also plays City of Heroes) and my dog and three cats.

Character List

I have a bunch of characters, somewhere around 30 or so at any one time, but always a few more every new Issue. My goal, is to have one of each powerset in-use across my account with as few repeats as is possible.I have a page at CIT where one could peruse them.