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Hi, my name is Ockham. I'm a Total Altaholic.
Hello, Ockham.

Badge history 01.png Frozen at the Arctic Circle near a wooly mammoth dig site, Paragon City University in association with Crey Industries discovered the warrior. Well preserved, except for his entire right arm and left arm below the elbow, he was revived by Crey. Supplying robotic limbs in exchange for employment they studied him.

Speaking prehistoric forgotten languages and an irregular form of Greek he claimed to be the son of Grendel. Seems the Beowulf legend was erroneous. The tale over 50,000 years old had only been passed word of mouth by humans from an unrecorded Darker Age. The First Pantheon, evil Saurian gods, twisted his father’s greatest ally, Beowulf, against dragonkind and humanity.

Grendel was a dragon, not the dragons known from mythology. Saurian sinister magicks twisted them into that reptile-like form. True dragons battled the gods, even before the Titans. Razar is a drake, half-dragon half-human.

Razar enjoys reading developing a fondness for human philosophy, particularly William of Ockham. Adopting his name from the idea of Ockham’s Razar, he is the simplest solution to the evils plaguing Paragon City.

Occam's Razar
CoH Game Icon.png Level 50 . Originicon technology.png . Archetypeicon scrapper.png
Claws / Super Reflexes
Body Mastery
Leaping • Fitness 


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