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Player Information
Globalchat.png This user's global chat handle is @Kahzi.
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Archetypeicon defender.png First hero to reach lvl 50 was a Defender . Badge level 50.png
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About Kahzi

I've played off and on for approximately ever... but it's been more off than on, to be frank. I was thrilled to see Freedom launch so that I could play without expense, so I promptly subscribed and have been VIP since.

Yeah, I know. Great Marketing!

Because of this mostly-off play history, I find myself feeling like a perpetual newbie. Sure, I despise Perez Park because I well remember getting lost in the forest with 10 levels to go before travel powers... Sure, I still try to reach for that travel power at level 14, and find myself looking for the Fitness pool to make sure I'll be ready for Stamina at 20... Sure, I can talk about how ground-breaking City of Heroes was at its conception, with casual-friendly gameplay and character-assigned loot. But I am struggling to memorize which zones have Vanguard bases, ED and Hami-kinis have no meaning for me beyond what I've read, and I have only just discovered that there is an arrow to view more detail on the global friends window (Thanks, Guy!). The wiki is my crutch in all of this, letting me act like I know what I'm talking about and answer questions in-game, even though I've probably not yet experienced whatever they're asking about myself. I have finally gotten "cutting-edge" enough in my gameplay to occasionally find pages to write myself, and I do try to provide quality work when that happens. I also do a fair bit of minor copy-editing during my browsing, where it's applicable. I was almost an English minor, after all, before realizing that it would be more about literature and less about grammar.

I am not much of a role player (despite my text-based game history speaking to the contrary), and I rarely if ever fill out the Info screen or battle cry on a character. I do like to generate clever names when I can come up with them, though. My beast-mistress, for instance, is named Cara Lovell, which baby name books tell me means Friend Wolf. I've also been known to create names that, taken together, sound like something else entirely. Lucy Tiernal, for instance, is my Demon/Time. Lucifer Eternal. Lucy Tiernal. But that is as far as my "role playing" goes. I try to stay away from Virtue. Smilies smile.gif

I play support very nearly exclusively. Controllers, Defenders, and Masterminds. I prefer healing sets in particular; it makes me anxious when health bars are dropping and I cannot do anything to stop it. Now that I've reached 50 with one of each of those archetypes, however, I am starting to experience more alt-itis. I particularly want to experience playing a decent tank, though I can't seem to outgrow the dying. I planned a lovely soft-capped build for my husband's tank and did enough marketeering to acquire the pieces, but then he promptly went premium, so I haven't been able to actually borrow time to play it yet. Perhaps I'll "tank up" a mastermind and use that as my transition! I hear they have base numbers very near those of a tank, though I haven't gotten my build plan past 20-30% defense as of yet...

Current & Planned Wiki Projects

Documented lest I forget what I'm doing, but feel free to comment. Or jump in and beat me to it, at that. Smilies wink.gif

  • I think the DA arcs are pretty well fleshed out. But there are subtle (as well as occasionally not-so-subtle) differences between the hero and villain versions. I'd like to find those and note them in one way or another. Particularly the big stuff (e.g. I heard on PinnBadges that villains have no choice but to fight Hua Tov?) -- 04/03/2012
  • I transferred data-dump pages into the proper (I hope) formatting for each of the ATO sets already. But I would like to verify the enhancements and bonuses in-game, as I've seen a few people come back with changes. Thirty7 (I think) also put up a sample for the individual enhancement pages, so if nobody beats me to it I'll go through and finish populating those for each set. Although the Superior ones will likely have to be an empty template-style page, as I haven't catalyzed anything myself as of yet... -- 03/23/2012
  • I have also thought to go check out the new low-level arcs. I suspect someone has long since put in the data, but I will keep one eye on the wiki as I play through anyway. Perhaps there are missing dialogue pieces, or I can learn more about proper formatting as I go. -- 03/23/2012
  • My very first project here was documenting Dr. Kane's trial during the Halloween event. I appear to have a soft spot for trials, as I am so often lost in them during gameplay and use the wiki to figure out what the team doesn't bother to tell me. It's probably about time to do a pass on all of the trials I am now getting the hang of, and make sure that the info is complete from a noob perspective... -- 03/23/2012
  • I noticed several {{Mission Briefing}}s in the new DA arcs that don't have a contact image. I would like to figure out the naming convention that template looks for (and how to upload images) and supply them. Unfortunately, though I have been collecting screenshots of dialogues along the way toward that end, I failed to turn on UIs in those screenshots. So I must start anew. Perhaps on my third pass through the arcs I will focus on those... -- 03/23/2012
  • Many of the lower level tip missions are missing one or even both sets of mission details. Gotta get those filled in! -- 04/03/2012

Saved Info

  • {{smile}} and {{wink}}. Yay, emoticons! -- 04/03/2012
  • Figure out how to use {{subst}} to fill in a date... -- 04/03/2012

Things I Don't Know

... and would like for you to tell me, please!

  • Cutscenes. I don't see any speech bubbles in some of them when I am playing. Just characters waving their arms around. Is that normal, or is something screwed up on my end? I do sometimes see bubbles, I just... feel like something is missing.
  • Redirect suppression. Am I missing a checkbox, or is that an admin-only feature? Somebody always has to come behind me and delete my redirect page after a move; is that WAI?
  • Dilemma Diabolique Heroes. Does the order matter? I'll never get a full Pinnacle league to do it in a different order to check myself...
  • ScreenshotUI. Is there a more permanent way to set this? It appears to turn itself back off automatically, and I keep "saving" clues and other details from a mission in a screenshot, only to go fetch them and see a useless picture of the back of my character's head. Ergh!
  • Illusion/Storm. Know any good guides? I have a character I like, but I'm just not quite sure what role I'm supposed to play here... It's not my usual style at all, that much I'm sure of.
  • Anything else you see me doing wrong. Go ahead, criticize me; I can take it!


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