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5th Column Demo Models

The Model IDs listed are for use in editing demos, and not for use in custom player-created missions. As demos are purely visual, the description is provided merely as a means of locating the model you are looking for and will have no actual bearing in the resulting demo.

Name Description Model ID
Archon Burkholder Archon Burkholder has made a name for himself in the 5th Column. His obsession with robotics led him to carve off his own arm and replace it with one of steel; it also led him to create a terrifying robot factory. There is nearly nothing Burkholder won't do to achieve his own ends. 5th_Archon_Burkholder_01
Warwolf The Warwolf has lost all of his humanity to whatever force transformed him into a monstrous killing machine. Unlike the more sedate Nightwolf warriors, the Warwolves are in a wild state and can barely be controlled. They are berserkers, unwilling to obey any orders when their enemy is in sight. They are, however, nearly impossible to kill, which makes up for their disobedient nature. Nightwolf_03