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Works in Progress

Looping Contact Dialogue

User:Eabrace/Looping Contact Dialogue

Demo Edit Example

User:Eabrace/Demo Edit Example

Hidden Overlaps

User:Eabrace/Hidden Overlaps

Create Mastermind henchmen images


Add Game Environment Images

User:Eabrace/Game Environment Images

The Living Game Manual

Moved to User:Eabrace/LivingGameManual. --GuyPerfect 22:04, 3 July 2007 (EDT)

Now located in The Players' Guide to the Cities.

Template for Required Updates: User:Eabrace/Sandbox/Template:Update_Needed

Contact Standardization

Attempting to create a generic guideline that covers a very broad range of content for contacts

  • including as many special cases as possible


User:Eabrace/Shadowstar Cleanup

Capitalization Standardization

Helping to better define what is and what isn't normally capitalized when discussing the game (particularly since the game and official documentation go a bit overboard)


IO Crafting Cost Discrepancy Investigation

Looking into discrepancies between crafting costs of IOs at equivalent levels.