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Globalchat.png This user's global chat handle is @Cannonfodder.
Badge vr months generic.png This user has been playing City of Heroes since Beta.
Archetypeicon tanker.png This user's main main hero is a Tanker.

V archetypeicon mastermind.png This user's main villain is a Mastermind.

CoH Game Icon.png This user plays City of Heroes on the Victory server.
CoV Game Icon.png This user plays City of Villains on the Virtue server.
Total Altaholic.gif This user's main character is a BlastaScrapaTankaFendaTrollaPeaceWarCorruptaDomaStalkaBrutaMindWidaSold.

Hi, my name is Cannonfodder. I'm a Total Altaholic.
Hello, Cannonfodder.

About Me

My main hero character is Cannonfodder, a level 50 Invulnerablity/Super Stength/Energy Science Tank (mucho badges) on the Victory server. I also play as Pravda, a level 50 Robotics/Force Fields/Black Scorpion Science Mastermind (mucho badges), who resides on the Virtue server.


Badge Year 4 Veteran.png Self-Reliant

Congratulations on four years of editing here at Paragon Wiki. You probably really enjoy playmates and have figured out how to play cooperatively with others. Before you know it, it will be time to start kindergarten!

SpruceHammer.png Spruce Hammer

For your efforts in editing an untold number of articles in the wiki for consistency and completeness, Guy Perfect has awarded you an honorary Spruce Hammer.

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