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Tsoo Dagger

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From the Story Arc "The Tsoo Coup" given by Jim Bell, Tyler French, Lt. Manuel Ruiz, Hinckley Rasmussen, Dennis Ewell, or Amanda Loomis.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 20-24.

Souvenir's Text

Tsoo Dagger

You've kept this ancient Tsoo dagger as a reminder of the time you thwarted:

The Tsoo Coup

It all began when you took to the streets to battle the Tsoo of Independence Port and Talos Island. During these skirmishes, you learned that the Tsoo were planning a takeover of Paragon City. You also discovered a tube containing the blueprints to five buildings. You took the blueprints to Agent Warren Trudeau of the FBI, who promised he would identify the buildings for you.

Shortly afterwards, your contact got word of a large shipment of artifacts in the hands of the Tsoo. You went to recover these artifacts, only to find out that the rumors were nothing but a trap designed to snare some of the more powerful members of the Warriors.

When Agent Trudeau learned the identities of the buildings, you realized that three were Family front companies and two were probable Warriors' hangouts. The Tsoo attacked them all within hours, but quick action on your part prevented the Tsoo from annihilating their targets.

Furious at his failure to take over the gangs of Paragon City, Tub Ci ordered a hit on you, but no one has yet been bold enough to take the contract.

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