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The Truth Hurts

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From the Story Arc "The Truth Hurts" given by Jessica Flores.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 8-15.

Souvenir's Text

The Truth Hurts

You still have the Loyal Tea & Coffee card that Jason Maxwell gave you. On the back is the passcode to Laura's computer, an employee at TPN. Seeing it reminds you of a story that proves the old adage:

The Truth Hurts

It all began when you met Jessica Flores, an independent reporter who wrote columns for TPN Today under a variety of pen names. She was working on a piece to expose the truth behind the Destroyers and their tie with Praetor White, in addition to uncovering where they were getting their supply of Fixadine from. You interviewed a few Destroyers and eventually got your big break when you ran into Acid Black. He revealed not only a fairly lengthy history of the Destroyers during the Hamidon Wars, but he also hinted to you that the Praetors might be supplying the Destroyers with Fixadine.

Jessica was overjoyed to discover that the facts she had dug up on her own coincided with what Acid Black was saying. She sent her story off to TPN, but then had another task in store for you. All media intended for TPN use must first pass through Athena Labs for government approved editing. The plan was that a friend of Jessica's would disable the surveillence systems in Athena Labs remotely. This gave you a window of time to enter the facility and move her article through the editing process unchanged, and then get out before no one was the wiser.

Unfortunately, the PPD were the wiser. Jessica's boyfriend, Jason Maxwell, and TPN chief editor Kenneth Hall, were supposed to transmit the story once it arrived. Jessica got an urgent call from Jason that was cut off early. Panicking she insisted that they were in danger and pleaded with you to rescue them. Entering TPN you soon discovered that Jessica was right, the place was crawling with PPD searching for Resistance sympathizers. By the time you found Jason Maxwell the PPD had almost beaten him to death with their 'non-lethal' force gauntlets. Jason told you that the PPD had the main control room locked down but informed you of a back door into the system that he secretly installed on a co-worker's computer. He gave you the password and told you to find Kenneth Hall in order to operate the transmitter and send the story out. You found Kenneth and gained access to the transmitter through the back door. Returning to Jason you found him to be completely unresponsive. Fearing the worst you rushed him outside where the Resistance whisked Jason and Kenneth off to a Resistance safehouse. Jessica was in tears over what had happened to her boyfriend, but let you know that while Praetoria may not know who showed them the truth, she would always remember the sacrifices made so that others might not have to.

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