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The Sleeper Below Badge

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Behold the God Mot, roused from His slumber! Behold the power of his faithful adherents, their prayers strong enough to stir Him from His dreaming! Behold the crucible of undoing, the maw through which all life shall soon pass so that all shall be unmade; an end to life, an end to hope, an end to all that respires in this corrupt and fallen world!


The Sleeper Below badge is located 212 yards north of the Moth Cemetery marker, near the base of the ramp beneath the ziggurat. You'll find the entrance to the ramp on the south-west side, in the deep trench surrounding the ziggurat, at (1470.1, -80.0, 851.7).

Its coordinates are (1432.0, -76.9, 673.5).

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Badge time.png This section contains information about changes that took place in City of Heroes Freedom. It is provided for historical purposes.
Deep beneath the cemetery ziggurat the presence of the slumbering god Mot can be most strongly felt. The Banished Pantheon have longed to awaken the sleeper and so congregate here in large numbers. Treading upon this unhallowed ground you get the definite feeling that something does not want you here, an evil presence that wishes you ill.

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