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The Dark Watcher (Praetorian)

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This article is about The Dark Watcher's Praetorian missions. For his Primal Earth missions, see The Dark Watcher.


Dark Watcher
Contact Small Dark Watcher (Praetorian).jpg
Mysterious Man in Black
Zone Neutropolis
Level Range 15-20
Introduced By == Level 15 ==
Penelope Yin
Introduces None
Enemy Groups None
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Dark Watcher is a Praetorian contact in Neutropolis.  His level range is 15-20.


Contact Introduced By

Contact Introduces

  • None


Mysterious Man in Black

No one in Praetoria knows exactly who Dark Watcher is or what his goals are in this place. He simply appeared one day to Calvin Scott and offered his advice and guidance.

Prior to Introduction

Missing Prior to Introduction Dialogue

Initial Contact

Hello, Character. We both have little time, so I will be brief. My name is Dark Watcher, and I am here to help turn the tide of this war with the Resistance. When you and I have finished, I believe the future will look much brighter for us all.


  • We stand on the brink of destruction, Character.
  • Our actions today will help more people than you can imagine, Character.

Too Busy

Missing Too Busy Dialogue

Too Low Level

Missing Too Low Level Dialogue

No More Missions

We've done everything we can, Character. Now, we must wait.


The Dark Watcher is never seen — communication is by calling him — so there is no store.

Story Arcs

A Promise for a New Tomorrow



Aaron Walker's Final Note

This note was the last item that Aaron Walker gave you before he died. It has the words 'Steven Sheridan' on it. You keep it to remember the sacrifice that Walker and others have made in the fight against Cole, all fighting in the hopes for...

A Promise for a New Tomorrow

It all started with you trying to change Longbow's idea that all Praetorians were 'evil'. You saved several members of Longbow from the hands of the PPD and helped a man named Agent X retrieve some very sensitive data from Neuron.

The data was broken up, but Dark Watcher suggested enlisting the help of Aaron Walker. First, however, you would have to rescue him from Neuron and T.E.S.T. You were able to reach Aaron Walker, only to find Neuron had accelerated the rate that his brain worked, causing his mind to overload. In his final moments, Walker told you that a man named Steven Sheridan was in Praetoria and that he could help you.

With the help of Dark Watcher, you were able to find Steven Sheridan and get him to translate the data you found. It was revealed that Neuron's tower would act as a giant portal for machines called War Walkers to invade Primal Earth! After they finished their war on Primal Earth, they would turn the Walkers on the Resistance to finish them off, once and for all.

In one final act that would help swing the favor of Longbow towards the side of the Praetorians and Resistance, you launched an attack on Neuron's tower, using a virus Sheridan made to disable the systems of the tower. Neuron will fix it in time, but it will at least give you, and the people of Primal Earth, time to prepare for Cole's main attack.

You'll do your best to make sure that, on both here and Primal Earth, no more people share the same fate that Aaron Walker had to go through. Every single person deserves the promise of a new tomorrow.

Part One: Lending a Hand

Character, if we're going to turn the tide of the battle against Cole, we're going to need to convince Longbow to join the side of the Resistance. Many Longbow have a stigma against Praetorians. They believe they're all out to destroy life as they know it on Primal Earth. Only a few Longbow have joined the Resistance to help them, though what those few have done has helped incredibly.

What you must do is help show Longbow that not all Praetorians are evil, that many of them are fighting the fight that they themselves claim to be in. If the Resistance and Longbow do not unite, I fear that Cole and his regime will easily wipe all of our groups out in one fell swoop.

Sounds reasonable. What's the first plan?

It would be a series of plans, Character. There is a Longbow prisoner that the PPD are currently keeping in one of their facilities. They are going to transport the prisoner to the area you call the Behavioral Adjustment Facility in Imperial City. If this is done, I do believe that is the last we will see of that prisoner.

Saving this man will go a long way towards gaining Longbow's trust, though I fear it will not be enough. The prisoner will be the first of many steps towards gaining the support of the group.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Saving that prisoner will help gain Longbow's support. Time is of the essence, Character.

Mission Objective(s)

The PPD are keeping the Longbow prisoner somewhere in this lab. Helping him will go a long way towards gaining Longbow's support in the war against Cole.

  • Save the Longbow Prisoner

You saved the Longbow prisoner!


  • Praetorian Police

Notable NPCs

  • Longbow Prisoner (Longbow Minion, non-escort Hostage)


Things with the prisoner went well. Already Longbow is beginning to murmur about 'good' Praetorians. You'll have to excuse their ignorance.

Mission Objective(s)

It seems that the PPD and T.E.S.T have cornered the remains of the Longbow squad here.

  • Rescue the Longbow Squad
    • 3 Longbow Nullifiers to rescue
    • Defeat the head TEST Provost

You've helped to recover the Longbow team!


  • Praetorian Police

Notable NPCs

  • 3 x Longbow Nullifier (Hostages/Allies)

Mission Objective(s)

This facility is well guarded by the Praetorian T.E.S.T. You'll have to be careful while going through it.

  • Recover information with Agent X
    • Hack into the network to get the information

You've found vital information that Longbow can use!

Unnecessary Solicitation

Agent X is a capable operative within Longbow. His aid means that Longbow is slowly starting to come around to the cause of the Resistance.


  • Praetorian Police
  • T.E.S.T.

Notable NPCs

Agent X is a renowned Longbow super-spy. His technical skills are phenomenal, with a gadget or gizmo available for any occasion.


It seems that Longbow is growing more trustworthy of you now, Character. Well, I should be more specific, more trusting of Praetorians in general. More Longbow are beginning to emerge to help the Resistance. Our main issue now is the various Longbow cells surviving the long journey through the ghoul infested tunnels. That is a problem you can let me handle, however.

Our main concern right now is discovering the rest of that data you found. The term 'Phalanx' there refers to a hero team on Primal Earth called the Freedom Phalanx. It seems Cole is planning something that will wipe out everyone that stands against him in Primal Earth. We need to figure out what that is and put a stop to it, or else the Resistance will never gain the firepower it so desperately needs to take down Cole.

Part Two: Bearing Arms

The issue regarding the data you found could easily be solved by one Aaron Walker. However, it seems Praetor Berry is one step ahead of us. I know that you've worked with Walker previously, correct? Berry is all too aware of this and is taking steps to deal with those that have wronged him.

I tell you this because the one man who can help us has gone missing. I believe that Praetor Berry has taken command of his own team of T.E.S.T and arrested Aaron Walker. They would be the only ones that Walker would not be able to see coming right away.

If we're going to figure out what exactly is in that data you found, I'll need you to rescue Aaron Walker.

Do you know where he is?

Yes, there is a facility where the T.E.S.T have no doubt taken him. I must emphasize that you hurry in these efforts, Character. Aaron Walker has been a thorn in Berry's side for quite some time, but he is one of the few people in Praetoria that has the ability to get us the information we want. Berry knows this and will act on it.

In the meantime, I shall look for another associate of yours who has gone missing: James Noble.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Walker must be saved, Character, for the sake of all in Praetoria and Primal Earth.

Mission Objective(s)

T.E.S.T have this placed locked down. Praetor Berry has gone to great lengths to ensure that Walker does not help you - time to see just how far he's gone.

  • Rescue Aaron Walker

Aaron Walker is dead, but he may have been able to help the war effort with this one, single note of his.


  • T.E.S.T.

Notable NPCs

  • Neuron's Clockwork (Allies)
  • Aaron Walker (Prisoner)


Aaron Walker's eyes dart back and forth wildly, his arms shaking violently.

H-hey... Character... didn't think I'd see you here... funny you're the l-l-last person I see, huh? N-n-neuron, he caught wind of what I did... what we did... I c-covered up for you, e-erased any track of you helping me.

B-but Neuron... h-he accelerated my brain... it's m-moving t-too fast now. G-gonna... it's gonna snap any minute now... t-then I'm a goner... t-that's gonna be it for me.

Hang on, Aaron, I'll get you help!

Aaron reaches up to grasp your shoulder.

It's too late! It's... too late...

Aaron slumps down to the ground.

No time... no time left for me... just minutes... seconds... then I'm done for...

I'm not sad, though... I'm actually... kinda happy. Weird... huh? I was always... just doing random things, never really... fought for anything. But you and me... we did something good... right? We put a stop to some of Neuron's freaks... we saved James Noble... that was good... wasn't it? I got to finally do at least... one good thing for someone... before everything came crashing down.

Just focus, Aaron, I need you to-

Aaron cuts you off.

I-I know why you're here. You're here to find out what's in that data.

Aaron laughs sadly.

T-that's how N-neuron got me... I found out everything... he zapped my brain... pulled it all out of there... but t-there's a guy, t-there's a guy who can help you. I-I wrote it down... before Neuron tapped my brain...

Aaron hands you a piece of paper. On it is written the name, 'Steve Sheridan is here'

Who is Steve Sheridan?

T-that Dark Watcher guy'll know... Y-yeah... I know he's here. I'm the... I'm the best, r-remember?

Aaron's body jerks wildly before coming to a rest.

T-the T.E.S.T... T-they're coming... They're coming to get you... I'll... I'll do one l-last thing... one l-last thing to help you out...

Just... just... remember me... okay... Character? R-remember me for... the g-good stuff I did... not for all the.. r-rotten... useless... things I did with... m-most of my life. P-please... please...

Aaron Walker lets out one last gasp before his body lays motionless.

...I'll remember you, Aaron. And I swear, I'll make Berry pay for this.

You hear the sounds of several PPD T.E.S.T bearing down on your position!


Character, did you find Aaron Walker?

... I see. Aaron Walker was a good man, Character. I'm sure I don't need to tell you that. His death is but one of many caused by Cole's regime. Too many good men and women have died for Cole and his Praetors to build their empire. Let us make sure that Aaron is the last, and that his sacrifice will not be in vain.

You said he gave you a note? Hrm... Steven Sheridan! This is perfect, Character. I don't know how Aaron Walker found this out, but he may have just helped to save us all and move you forward.

Part Three: Dr. Science to the Rescue

I admit, I am somewhat surprised Steven Sheridan is here. It is perhaps the one intelligent thing I have witnessed Longbow do during my time here in Praetoria. Steven Sheridan is a brilliant scientist in Primal Earth and was once called Dr. Science. He possesses possibly the most brilliant mind in the world. He may not have a mind that is as fast as our departed Aaron Walker, but he will be able to figure out what that data leads to if you bring it to him.

Do you know where he is?

Some of my own agents have told me that he is currently with a squad of Longbow deep in the tunnels beneath Neutropolis. We need to get Steven Sheridan onto the side of the Resistance and into safe hands as soon as possible.

I imagine he can prove a great help in bringing more aid through from Primal Earth, but if he were to be captured by Cole, then I fear all would be lost. Find Steven Sheridan and give him the data you have. He will be able to tell you what is happening and how exactly we can prevent it.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Steven Sheridan is our best hope to finding out what's in that data, Character.

Mission Objective(s)

You can hear the faint sounds of the failed experiments in the tunnels. Somewhere here, Steven Sheridan awaits, holding the key to the fates of Primal Earth and Praetoria.

  • Meet with Steven Sheridan
    • Speak with Steven 'Dr. Science' Sheridan


  • Failed experiments

Notable NPCs

  • Longbow (Allies)
  • Steven Sheridan


It's good to see another friendly face down here. I've heard about you through the grapevine. Character, wasn't it? I'm Dr. Steven Sheridan, here to help Longbow and the Resistance. If you've come down here through those monsters, you must have a good reason to see me.

(Explain the situation to Sheridan)

Hrmm... Interesting, very interesting. Can I see that data?

You hand the data over to Sheridan. He rubs his chin and takes out a small device.

I've run into issues like this in the past. It can be difficult to recover lost data, but I've created a device that can solve such problems. Just give it a moment for it to run...


Dr. Sheridan's face pales as he watches his device.

Character... this is horrifying! The rest of the data! Look!

(Look at the data)

Dr. Sheridan shows you the input on his device.

'Plans are ready to begin the war effort. Emperor Cole believes that the chaos on Primal Earth will spread into Praetoria soon. Already, we have seen Arachnos and Longbow causing terror in our streets. Primal Earth has entire armies of terrorists, monsters, and demons running about unchecked. If they were to find a way into Praetoria, we would all be doomed.'
'It is for that reason that we have worked tirelessly under the direction of Anti-Matter on these machines to bring the war to Primal Earth first. We will use the tower Neuron has built to create a portal big enough to fit the War Walkers. Once they are deployed, the war will be over within a week. Not even the Phalanx can withstand their might.'
'We have been ordered by Cole to take any non-super powered being prisoner and to have the Seers scan their minds to see if they are a threat. Any civilian who is not a threat will be allowed to live under Cole's new empire. We have also programmed the machines to avoid attacking civilians, though casualties due to collateral damage can not be avoided.'
'The main purpose is clear: we must destroy the threat on Primal Earth before it destroys us. Once that is done, we will wipe out the remainder of the Resistance. It is estimated we would only need one third of our machines to do so.'

A war with Primal Earth... and War Walkers?

It is as I feared. We are too late to stop Cole from building an army. All we can do now is get everyone prepared for the worst.

I do not know when Cole plans to mobilize, but there is something we can do to slow him down. Take this drive. It will plant a virus inside of Neuron's tower, disabling its systems for some time.

This will at least buy us and the Resistance some time. I'm going to get to the nearest Resistance base to help them finish construction on a rift. I don't have time to explain, but I believe you and I will meet again very soon. For now, you need to go and disable Neuron's tower!

Right, I'm on it!

You hear the sounds of the ghouls nearing the small group of Longbow.

Run, we will be fine!


You did well, Character. Sheridan is already with members of the Resistance and is quickly finishing up work that has been done on the Rift Enclosure. It is a large gate that connects the world of Praetoria to the world of Primal Earth. It is through here that we in Primal Earth will send reinforcements to fight against Cole, though doing so will not be easy.

We can speak about that later, however. With Sheridan's virus, we have the advantage of surprise against Cole and Praetor Berry.

Finaler: Paving the Future

There's no time to lose, Character. I've analyzed the situation you're walking into. I believe Praetor Berry is becoming more suspicious that there may be a situation brewing around his tower. This does not mean that we should not take the fight to him. But you will have to be careful.

We will have to put the systems in Berry's tower on alert. According to Sheridan, this will leave a hole in its defenses for his virus. It would appear Berry is not a man who designs all of his technology... perfectly. To do this, you'll have to attack some of his Clockwork. This, in itself, should not be too hard, but I suspect Berry has put in place special defenses when this happens.

Do you know what I should expect?

I have an idea.

I have still not found James Noble. Given that he went missing around the same time as Aaron Walker, I can only assume that Praetor Berry has retrieved his former experiment and put him to 'work', per say. This seems like it would be the exact opportunity he would use to test out Noble's new powers.

Be careful, Character. You fight under the looming shadow of Praetor Berry's tower. It will not be an easy fight by any means. But your mission is perhaps the most important of all. Doing this will buy us enough time to gain allies from Primal Earth and to bring the fight to Cole. If you fall here, it means Cole will be able to muster his forces before Primal Earth can prepare itself. It will fall, and then too, shall the Resistance.

Loyalists working undercover for Marchand should speak to him now regarding the activities of Dark Watcher.

Unsolicited Contact

Good luck, Character. That is the best I can offer you at this moment in time.

Mission Objective(s)

Neuron's tower looms in front of you. Who knew that this would be the key to Cole's invasion of Primal Earth?

  • Assault Neuron's Tower
    • 20 Clockwork to defeat
    • Use the lower stairs to move up Neuron's tower
    • Defeat Noble Savage...?
    • Defeat Maelstrom at the top of Neuron's tower

Sheridan's virus has disabled the systems in Neuron's tower!


  • Neuron's Clockwork
  • Noble Savage (Failed Experiments Elite Boss)
  • Maelstrom (Rogues Gallery Elite Boss)


You've performed admirably, Character. Neuron's tower has been disabled, preventing Cole from launching his attack before we're ready for it. Longbow has been made aware of your actions and are in your debt, though some still doubt the word of a Praetorian. In due time, I am sure they will all come around.

As for myself, I have one last task to ask of you before you move on. One that will ensure the help of a group called Vanguard.

To Our Health



Empty Bottle of Enriche

You picked up this empty bottle of Enriche in the main Enriche factory in Neutropolis. It reminds you of an experience called...

To Our Health

Dark Watcher had one last task for you after you thwarted Cole's plans for an invasion. He asked that you go down to help Calvin Scott blow up the main source of Enriche in Praetoria. However, this would mean the people of Praetoria would be left with sick and diseased water for at least five months. Were you willing to have the people suffer for their freedom and the help of Vanguard, or did you move to stop Scott's plans in the hopes of finding a better one that did not involve the risk of people's health?

Finale: The People's Minds, the People's Health

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

This is a Moral Choice mission, and must be played single-player. It is the final moral choice in the Warden storyline.

We've struck a blow against Cole's invasion, but now we must move quickly to strike another. I am sure you're aware of the ever looming presence of Enriche, are you not? I am sure you're aware that this is no normal water. There are special chemicals within Enriche that help to placate the people, make them less suspicious of goings on. This is why there can be outbreaks of monsters in Neutropolis and the people simply take the word of the PPD or Berry that they will address the situation at hand.

It will make things rather difficult for our allies to fight Cole if he still has the support of the people. I shall be honest and upfront with you, Character. I am apart of an organization called Vanguard. We handle inter-dimensional threats. The head of it, Lady Grey, has stated that if Vanguard only has the resources to fight one war against Emperor Cole, and that is a war of combat. We do not have the time to also fight a war of public relations. It is because of this that we must get to the center of Enriche and destroy it. But, you will have help.

Who is going to help me?

Calvin Scott himself. We have discovered a way into the main water pumping station for the Enriche chemicals. Meet with Calvin Scott and do what you can to give him the support he needs. Once Enriche is destroyed, I will be able to have Vanguard move in its supplies. I estimate the people here in Praetoria will have to go for about five to six months with unclean and impure water. This is just the nature of things, you see. The Enriche factory is the main, and last, source of clean water in Praetoria, due to all the fallout from the Hamidon Wars. However, once Vanguard has established a base of operations in the tunnels, we will be able to give the people clean and proper water and give medical support for anyone who has become severely injured during this time.

Those Loyalists working undercover for Provost Marchand should speak to him about these events.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Scott is waiting, Character.

Mission Objective(s)

Calvin Scott, the leader of the Resistance, is up ahead in the tunnels, waiting for you.

  • Destroy Enriche (Single Player)

A choice to be made.

We stand here, Character, on the brink of a massive event.
Today, we will bring an end to Enriche, an end to the placation of a people!
With Enriche gone, the people will once again be fully aware of the world that is truly around them!
Life will be harder, yes. But such is the consequence of being freed, of living your own life.
The people of Praetoria will learn to think on their own, to LIVE on their own...
... and then, we shall bring down Cole, once and for all!

Moral Choice

Players are presented with a moral choice: to aid the Resistance or go over to the Loyalists.

  • Destroy Enriche. Destroy the source of Enriche. Aid the Resistance. Enriche has been a main obstacle in the Resistance's war against Cole. Without it around, the minds of the people will be awakened to see what's around them and actually question all of the suspicious actions that Cole takes. They will no longer look at the Seers in such an accepting manner, they will begin to question where the ghouls in the tunnels come from. Destroying Enriche will free the people and enable Vanguard to come in and take the fight to Cole!
  • Preserve Enriche. Stop Calvin Scott's plan. Aid the Loyalists. The freedom of people's minds is a noble goal, but is it worth putting their health in danger for this? There must be a better way to help the people. You've stalled Emperor Cole's plans to invade for now, surely there must be time now to investigate an attack against Enriche that doesn't put all the people of Praetoria at risk of becoming diseased and sick.
Aid the Resistance

Mission Objective(s)

  • Destroy Enriche (Single Player)
    • 4 bombs to arm

Aid the Loyalists

Mission Objective(s)

  • Destroy Enriche (Single Player)
    • Speak with Calvin Scott

Mission Objective(s)

  • Destroy Enriche (Single Player)
    • Defeat Calvin Scott, Talk with Calvin Scott

Mission Objective(s)

  • Destroy Enriche (Single Player)
    • Activate the emergency systems

You've activated the emergency systems!