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The Cries of Clones

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From the Story Arc "Good Villains Never Die" given by Leonard.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 20-29.

Souvenir's Text

Sometimes, late at night, you can hear the screams of your clones, begging you to save them from being burned alive. When you focus yourself, the cries go away, as if it's just a lingering memory. A memory that reminds you of an experience called...

Good Villains Never Die

It all began when a man named Leonard contacted you about enhancing your clone facility. He worked for Mane Corp, a corporation that was trying to reach the leagues of Crey and Aeon Corp.

You agreed to work together with him, wary of what may come from it. In no time at all, Mane Corp had your facility up and running. Your presence was requested to test the combat abilities of your clones. It took a few tries, but the scientists in the facility were able to create an exact clone of you! With that success, there was one thing still left to do - find out more information on Mane Corp. You needed something else you could use against them aside from your sheer power.

Dean MacArthur played a critical role in helping you find this information. You gained the aid of the Freakshow - by force - to assault a portion of Independence Port. During the chaos, you retrieved the PPD files on Mane Corp. You discovered that Thomas Mane had siphoned all the funds from Mane Corp into a private account within the Isles, then fled to the Isles when the PPD tried to arrest him. His bodyguard, Leonard, was sent to deal with Mane, but supposedly had joined him.

Dean helped you track down where Thomas Mane was - old warehouse within Sharkhead. You went in there, only to discover that it was a base for the 5th Column! You also found Leonard deep inside of the warehouse. He revealed that Thomas Mane had been killed by the shapeshifter Protean, who was impersonating Leonard the entire time!

You went to retake your facility, fighting through the 5th Column soldiers that were now in place. At the bottom of the clone facility, you came face to face with Protean, overhearing that he was working for a man in Praetoria called 'Mr. G.' You fought Protean and defeated him, but in his final act of defiance, Protean launched a self-destruct sequence to destroy the facility. You were able to escape, but the facility, and your work, was lost.

However...Protean would not walk away with total victory. You were able to find out the information on Protean's account, allowing you to siphon all his money for yourself. You know this will slow Protean down whenever he tries to restart his activities. Some may believe that the blast - and your fight - killed Protean. But there's one thing that you know from personal experience:

Good villains never die.

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