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Template:Req Market

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Icon clue generic.png Requires [[Paragon Market#{{{link}}}|{{{name}}}]].
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To denote Paragon Market purchases that aren't specific items, such as {{req SSA}}. There are three parameters:

  • image - Semi-optional. The market image for the piece, starting with "File:" and ending with the filetype abbreviation
    • defaults to Icon clue generic.png if not supplied; preference for finding the appropriate market image
  • link - Semi-optional. The header under which the market piece is found (the first listing if multiples exist)
    • defaults to simply linking to Paragon Market; preference for linking to a specific header
  • name - Required. What the item is called, will be the visual link to click


{{req Market|image=File:ParagonMarket AlignmentSystem.png|link=System Unlocks|name=Alignment System}}

ParagonMarket AlignmentSystem.png Requires Alignment System.