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Template:Emote Animation

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Parameter Use Example Default Value
title Specify a title for the box Emote HandsUp The value of emote
emote Specify the emote to display Emote Dice2 {{PAGENAME}}
noGW Use Mantid instead of Ghost Widow true
nocat Disable adding the category to the page. (For example, the examples in this page) true

Creates a box for displaying an animated GIF of an emote. This template is intended for use on Emote {EMOTENAME} pages, and by default will attempt to display the Ghost_Widow_{EMOTENAME}.gif image. If the noGW parameter is specified, the Mantid_{EMOTENAME}.gif image will be used instead.

The emote parameter can be used to specify an emote, rather than using the current page name for the emote. Note that since the default value for emote is {{PAGENAME}}, and this template is designed for use on the various Emote Animation pages, the value for emote should begin with "Emote", followed by the emote name. This ensures that the correct image is pulled.

Code Output
{{Emote Animation|title=Not An Emote|emote=Emote Afraid}}
Some animations may be large and take a long time to load
Not An Emote
Ghost Widow Emote Afraid.gif
{{Emote Animation|noGW=true|emote=Emote Newspaper}}
Some animations may be large and take a long time to load
Emote Newspaper
Mantid Emote Newspaper.gif

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