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Anywhere you need check boxes.

This Template uses two (optional) variables:

  • The first chooses the type of checkmark
    • X, x = an X/cross in the box
    • Check, check, Yes, yes, Y, y = a checkmark
    • No, no, N, n, Empty, empty = empty box
  • The second can change the size of the image
    • The default size for Checkmarks is 26px and for an X or empty box it is 24px.
  • If no value is passed (do not use a pipe), it will return an X.
  • If a wrong value is passed, it will return a question mark.


Input Results
{{Checkmark|x}} Yes
{{Checkmark|Check}} Yes
{{Checkmark|no}} No
{{Checkmark|yes|16px}} Yes
{{Checkmark|Bob Dole}} No