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For 6.5 Look into the Freakshow attack on the Delgado-Harris corporation:

A named NPC seems to be "Retriveal Chief". Info is identical as a Creey Eliminator "With their heavy chain guns and advanced training, these armor clad leaders carry enough firepower to stop a tank. They're also almost as hard to hurt, though they are vulnerable to mental assaults."
On Heroic my lvl 25 alt had him shown as 35 Crey - Lieutenant.

When coming into local:

[NPC] Retrieval Chief: Ok boys, get everything you can find on their latest Project.

As you engage:

[NPC] Retrieval Chief: There are not supposed to be any witnesses!

Taosin 07:44, 12 March 2009 (UTC)

You have opened the crate
Inside this crate you find the mask of the Invisible Falcon, a hero who disappeared investigating Crey. From the tag on the mask, it looks like he was one of the first victims of the Revenant Hero project. ````