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One note on all of these Demorecord pages. The URL for Scuzzbopper's CoH Codex changed at some point, and some of the links to that are outdated. I was going to go through and edit them all, however, it would appear that Scuzzbopper hasn't updated the codex itself since early 2009 (some parts since 2008). Can anyone verify whether the codex is still being actively maintained? Has someone else taken over the project? If not, is that something we want ported over to the wiki so it can be maintained by the community? — Preceding unsigned comment added by Garielle (talkcontribs) 21:22, 7 August 2010 (UTC)

On Further Investigation...

The following is from the Updates section of Scuzzbopper's CoH Codex...

2009-09-10 : COMMENT : Long time, no update. I figured I owed some sort of status report on me and the Codex. I'm still subscribed (pre-paid up through something like July 2010) and still playing occasionally, but the time I'm spending on the game is way down, probably only a few hours a month. I have NOT left CoH for Champions Online or anything like that, but more of my time is being spent in the meat world these last few months, for various reasons, leaving a dearth of both playing and Codex updates.
I don't know when or if to expect my CoH time to pick back up, so the next thing I plan to do, when I can scrape together a few minutes, is to port the Codex data over to the Paragon Wiki. That will serve the two-fold purpose of preserving the CoH Codex (without being directly dependent on me or my web hosting) and opening it up to further expansions and updates by others. I've talked about maybe doing that before, and this is just to say that it's now my specific intent to do so. Might not be real soon, but hopefully by the end of this year.

This being the case, it seems that Scuzzbopper had intended to port the information over. If this is something we want to do, it will be a fairly easy project for me to take care of, though I could use some help from some of the veteran video editors out there updating it with new information.