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TPN Campus Trial

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This article is about the Incarnate System Trial. For the Praetorian TV network, see Total Praetorian Network.


The T.P.N. Campus Trial
Team Size 12-24 players
Badge Badge it tpn complete.png TPN Completion badge?
Enemy Groups ??
Incarnate XP Physical
Icon vip.png Requires a VIP subscription.
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The T.P.N. Campus Trial (T.P.N. or TPN) is one of the Incarnate Trials connected to the release of Issue 21.5 which takes place in Praetoria. A minimum of 12 and a maximum of 24 players can raid the T.P.N. Campus.

During the mission, a voice will "radio in" information about your progress. While there is no specific contact (the trial is entered entirely through the LFG menu), it is possible that your unseen helper is meant to be Prometheus as he was added in Issue 20 to recruit Incarnate-capable players to wage a war against Emperor Cole and end his quest to become more in-tune with the Well of the Furies.

All Issue 20 Incarnate Components will drop during this trial, and Physical Incarnate Experience is gained towards unlocking the Alpha, Interface and Destiny Incarnate Slots.

In Detail

The T.P.N. Trial is an incarnate Trial that takes place in Praetoria, on the TPN Campus. There is no contact for this trial, though it could be argued that Prometheus is your contact. However, rather than going to anyone for a mission, the players use the Team-Up Teleporter to find other interested players. The trial consists of a single mission, broken into four distinct phases. A timer begins after the first phase, and the trial will be failed if the timer expires.

Phase 1

Players must defeat 30? IDF scattered about the grounds, without harming the cameras sent to monitor their progress. The cameras are level 1 mobs and very small, so multi-target attacks are strongly discouraged. Any IDF killed after the nearby camera is destroyed will not count toward the goal, as they will not sway Praetoria's Public Opinion.

Phase 2

The players must enter the main building at the center of the campus and activate 4 terminals to begin the broadcast. Each terminal is surrounded by a number of IDF guards, as well as a single technician. The technician will be out of phase as long as IDF remain nearby. After defeating each technician, players must click on the terminal to activate it.

After all 4 terminals have been activated, Maelstrom will spawn in the room, along with a brief cutscene. While fighting Maelstrom, the technicians and IDF guards will respawn at each terminal. Repeating the above steps to activate the terminals will provide a boost in public opinion. Up to 250 public opinion may be gathered during this phase.

Phase 3

After defeating Maelstrom, all players are teleported back to the campus grounds, where telepathists will spawn within groups of angry citizens. Up to 6 telepathists will spawn, depending on the size of the league. If left unchecked, the telepathists will sway the angry citizens against the players, reducing the earned public opinion.

Meanwhile, H.D. will broadcast from each of the three buildings on campus in turn (starting with T.P.N. Live to the east, then the main building in the center, then ??? to the west, then repeating). During the broadcast, the players must enter the building and activate the four terminals as described in phase 2. Each terminal activation gains 10? public opinion, plus a ?? static bonus for the first terminal in each building.

The players must gain 500 public opinion to proceed. If the public opinion is reduced to 0 or the timer expires, the trial fails.

After the players successfully gain 500 public opinion, Maelstrom will spawn in the grounds and must be defeated to proceed to phase 4. During this fight, Maelstrom introduces the Mark for Death power. A green icon appears over the head of each character Maelstrom marks for death. Those characters must either break line of sight with Maelstrom or get more than 30 feet away. Failure to do so results in a one-shot kill when Maelstrom fires his AOE attack.

On defeating Maelstrom, all players receive a bonus award of 60 incarnate threads.

Phase 4

This phase is a repetition of phase 3, with the addition of Maelstrom spawning on campus after the terminals are activated in each building. During these spawns he does not need to be defeated completely, but will run away after ??.

Notable NPCs



Spin Doctor   Complete the TPN Campus Trial.
News Flash   Complete all three 500-point Public Opinion challenges, taking no more than 8 minutes per challenge, and then finish the TPN Campus Trial
Fair & Balanced   Do not allow a single Telepathist to convert 4 or more citizens for the duration of TPN Campus, and then finish the trial.
Television Addict   Complete all four terminals in all three buildings during each 500-point Public Opinion challenge, while also keeping H.D. above 80% health at all times, and then finish the trial.
Tonight's Top Story   Defeat Maelstrom within four minutes during each of his three encounters.
Master of TPN Campus   Earn the Spin Doctor, News Flash, Fair & Balanced, Television Addict and Tonight's Top Story badges.

Incarnate System

  • The following actions during the Trial award an Astral Merit:
    • Defeating Maelstrom in phase 2
    • +++ Missing Information +++
  • Random Uncommon Components can be awarded for the first time a badge is obtained. A random Rare Component can be awarded for the first time the Master of the T.P.N. Campus badge is obtained. Bonus Astral Merits can be earned multiple times as long as the requirements for the badge is fulfilled, even if you already have the badge.