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Supergroup Mode

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Supergroup Mode

  1. A mode that is activated when a member of a supergroup clicks on the "Enter SG Mode" button (or uses /sgmode or /sgmodeset). While in this mode, the supergroup's colors and emblem may be applied to the character's costume. As of Issue 6 and the addition of City of Villains, SGmode will also cause the person to earn Prestige for the supergroup. The character will also have the chance to receive supergroup salvage.
    • The amount of Influence / Infamy and Prestige earned under supergroup mode varies by level, but was updated in Issue 12. Prestige earning gradually increases until level 25. After level 25, Influence earnings decrease down to half of normally earned Influence by level 29. (See Prestige for details.)
    • Inf rewards from defeating foes or completing missions are affected by SG Mode, but inf gained by trading and selling items is not affected.

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