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=== Initial Contact ===
=== Initial Contact ===
Allow me to welcome you to the elite ranks of the Peacebringers. All of the Peacebringers on Earth, like you, are formed from the fusion of a Kheldian energy being and a willing human host. Both the human and the Kheldian become more than they were seperately, forming a new being called a Peacebringer. As a Peacebringer you will learn to wield immense power in the service of justice and the endless battle against out dire enemies, the [[Nictus]].
Allow me to welcome you to the elite ranks of the Peacebringers. All of the Peacebringers on Earth, like you, are formed from the fusion of a Kheldian energy being and a willing human host. Both the human and the Kheldian become more than they were separately, forming a new being called a Peacebringer. As a Peacebringer you will learn to wield immense power in the service of justice and the endless battle against out dire enemies, the [[Nictus]].
I am Sunstorm, and I serve as the coordinator of our efforts here on Earth. I'm not your leader or your boss, my main function is to make certain that our efforts are well directed, particularly for the newer members of our ranks. I should have plenty for you to do. I'm sure you can't wait to test your new powers, so let's get started.
I am Sunstorm, and I serve as the coordinator of our efforts here on Earth. I'm not your leader or your boss, my main function is to make certain that our efforts are well directed, particularly for the newer members of our ranks. I should have plenty for you to do. I'm sure you can't wait to test your new powers, so let's get started.

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Peacebringer Coordinator
Zone Atlas Park
Coordinates (-16, -18, -351.5)
Level Range 1-50
Introduces Detective Jose Brogan
Vic Johansson
Enemy Groups

Badge villain skulls.png Skulls
Badge villain hellions.png Hellions
Badge villain council.png Council
Badge villain voidhunter.png Void Hunters

Badge villain cot.png Circle of Thorns
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Sunstorm is a hero contact in the Atlas Plaza neighborhood of Atlas Park at coordinates (-16, 18, -351.5). Sunstorm is a Natural origin contact.


Contact Introduced By

Nobody. Sunstorm is the initial contact for a Peacebringer.

New Contact(s)

You should think about talking to Detective Jose Brogan. He's pretty intense, but he's a great cop and a good person to know if you are looking for information on the Lost. His beat is Atlas Park.

Detective Brogan will let you in on some interesting cases.

Vic Johansson's good police. He'll steer you towards some interesting opportunities involving the Lost, and help smooth things over with law enforcement. His beat is Kings Row.

Vic is good people, Character. You will enjoy working with him.


Peacebringer Coordinator

When the Kheldian warrior called Perihelion arrived on Earth, it sought a human warrior with courage and strength to match its own as a host. When it spied a uniformed human facing certain death against insurmountable odds to stop a tide of unliving monsters, it thought that it had found a soldier who would be a perfect match. It offered the embattled Sgt. Benjamin Carter the opportunity to bond, and form a powerful Kheldian Peacebringer. The two joined in that moment to form the being called Sunstorm, and handily defeated the surrounding Vahzilok.

What Perihelion didn't realize was that Sgt. Carter wasn't a soldier like it expected, but an upstanding member of the Paragon Police Department. As a result, Sunstorm is not as martial and merciless as Perihelion, having been tempered by Carter's high ideals. This has turned out to be quite a blessing. Sunstorm is often able to see new solutions to problems.

Sunstorm usually coordinates the activities of his fellow Peacebringers on Earth. While he holds no real rank over the rest of his kind, wise Peacebringers listen to what he has to say.

Initial Contact

Allow me to welcome you to the elite ranks of the Peacebringers. All of the Peacebringers on Earth, like you, are formed from the fusion of a Kheldian energy being and a willing human host. Both the human and the Kheldian become more than they were separately, forming a new being called a Peacebringer. As a Peacebringer you will learn to wield immense power in the service of justice and the endless battle against out dire enemies, the Nictus.

I am Sunstorm, and I serve as the coordinator of our efforts here on Earth. I'm not your leader or your boss, my main function is to make certain that our efforts are well directed, particularly for the newer members of our ranks. I should have plenty for you to do. I'm sure you can't wait to test your new powers, so let's get started.


Story Arcs

The Peace Killers


Levels: 5 - 10

A non-functional Quantum Array Gun

When you bonded with a Kheldian energy being and were transformed into a Peacebringer, you knew that these great new powers you'd been given could earn you new enemies. It was one a mission to find out about some of the new enemies you'd encountered that you discovered the origins of

The Peace Killers.

It all started when you were asked to investigate the origins of the mysterious new Quantum Array weapons designed specifically to hurt Kheldians. The First step in your investigation took you into battle with the Skulls. A Skull leader had been bragging about the new weapons he was about to get. You applied some pressure, and found out where the Skulls were storing their Quantum Array Guns.

Moving on that information, you hit the warehouse the Skulls were stockpiling their new gear in, only to find that the Hellions were also on the scene. In your battle to secure the warehouse, you learned from one of the defeated Hellions that they were about to make a weapons buy themselves.

Wasting little time, you went it to break up the deal. You found Council operatives on the scene making the deal with the Hellions, and learned that a new shipment of weapons had just come into town and was just being tested before the sale.

You found the Council's test site and defeated them, securing the shipment of Quantum Array weapons in the process. You also discovered that the weapons were being manufactured by the Council themselves.

With information gained in your last adventure, you were able to locate the base where the Quantum Array Guns were being sent. You cleaned out the base, and learned two interesting facts. First, that the Council is having a lot of trouble producing Quantum Array Guns to Arakhn's specifications. Secondly, that the Void Hunters Mercenaries are being sent out by the Council to work with many villain groups as a second way to strike against the Kheldians.

You bravely struck a Council base that had been supporting Void Hunter Mercenaries. You captured the base commander, and discovered that the Void Hunters had been created specifically to attack Kheldians, using something called a 'Nictus fragment'

The full details and ramifications of what you discovered may take some time, but for now you've shed light on the forces arrayed against you and all other Peacebringers. With a foe as implacable as the Council, it's a battle that is sure to last for a long time to come.

Find the source of the Quantum Array weapons


Reports from our people and from the Warshades we keep in contact with have confirmed that someone has been supplying the city's criminal organizations with new weapons designed specifically to harm us, and empowered mercenaries whose abilities are inimical to our existence. It is imperative that we discover who is supplying these Quantum Array weapons and why.

I have received a lead from friends on the police force that the Skulls have just received a shipment of these weapons. Finding that shipment could be the first step in finding the source of these weapons.

I am sending you to a small cavern hideout owned by the Skulls. Your goal will be to confront Wrack, a well-connected lieutenant in the Skulls who has been talking about the new weapons he is about to receive. Get what information you can from him, and we will proceed from there.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Get information from Wrack

Icon clue generic.png
We gots all the quantum guns we need
After you defeated him, the Skull Death Head called Wrack told you:

'Yeah, we gots all the quantum guns we need. We have'em stored up in a warehouse we got squared away. We Skulls will be tops when we get'em onto the street. When we have that kind of protection, you freaks will have to go beat on the Hellions. So the way I figure it, we win!'

With a bit more persuasion it wasn't difficult to get him to tell you where the warehouse was located.


This information will be certainly helpful to us. Now that we know where the Skulls' new shipment of quantum array weapons are waiting, the next move will be to take them out.

Capture the shipment of armaments


Since you discovered the location where the Skulls are storing their caches of new weapons, it is only right that the honor of taking those weapons from our enemies goes to you as well.

You will need to defeat all of the foes protecting the warehouse where the weapons are being kept. The Skulls keep several of the doors locked at all times, so you will need to defeat guards to find keys in order to progress.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Defeat all foes in warehouse
    • Find keys

Icon clue generic.png
A set of keys
One of these keys probably fits a locked door around here.
Icon clue generic.png
Security Keys
One of these security keys probably fits a locked door around here.
Icon clue generic.png
This whole thing's a waste of our time
One of the defeated Hellions told you:

'This whole thing's a waste of our time. We have our own shipment of quantum array guns coming in after we finish the deal. I don't even know why they sent me here. Unless they want to get rid of me because I'm getting too powerful! That's it! Those jerks! I'll show them! I'll tell you where the deal is going down. That will teach them not to mess with my power!'

The information you received may be accurate, but you need to finish this mission first.


Securing that shipment of quantum array weapons will certainly be a great help to all of us. What may be even more important, though, is discovering that upcoming deal the Outcasts are making for more of these weapons. It may be a lead to help discover where they are coming from.

Stop the Hellions' arm deal


As you discovered, the Hellions, like all of the gangs and villains on the city, seek their own source of quantum array weapons. You have already proven your ability to handle these situations against the Skulls, and you were the one who discovered the deal. It's time to continue the investigation, stop the deal, and find out where these weapons are coming from.

Though the majority of foes you'll face on this mission will be Hellions, your primary goal will be to find out who they are meeting with to get these weapons. Whoever this source may be, you must keep word of your investigation from getting back to them, so you will need to defeat or capture all of the enemies at the meeting.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Defeat all foes at weapons deal

Icon clue generic.png
An array of tests
Though none of the Council soldiers you captured were willing to talk, you found a sheet of instructions for testing quantum array weapons on one of them. Even better, the instructions were printed out on the letterhead of a company long suspected to be a Council front.


So, the Hellions were dealing with the Council. It's not quite absolute proof that the Council are the ones supplying these quantum array weapons, but it's close. From the information you found, it looks like they are running quality tests on a new shipment of these guns. That will be the next place to investigate.

Intercept the quantum array weapons shipment under test


The information you found tells us that the Council is testing a shipment of quantum array weapons that have just arrived in the city. This shipment must be intercepted, both to stem the flow of these weapons and to look for proof about who is producing them.

You need to secure the quantum array weapons in order to keep them out of the hands of our enemies. You'll also need to find and defeat a Dr. Rotheman, who's in charge of the weapon testing. Finally, you need to look for information about where these weapons are coming from, and if the Council is truly responsible.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Defeat Dr. Rotheman and his men
    • Find and secure 4 crates of weapons

Icon clue generic.png
Shipping orders
These shipping records detail the shipments of quantum array weapons into Paragon City. Dozens of shipments have come in, though you notice that many are sent back due to malfunctions. Most importantly, the weapons are being shipped from, and faulty ones are returned to the same place: Striga Isle, home base of the Council.


The information you found confirms it. These weapons were made on Striga Isle, the Council's stronghold. The Council are the ones behind the new weapons, but why? They already have the mercenary Void Hunters in their employ, so why would they need the quantum array weapons as well? Perhaps the answers can be found at the Council base those weapons were headed to.

Strike Council Base


The next step will be strike at the Council base the weapons you capture were intended to reach. We now know where the quantum array weapons are being manufactured and who is doing it, but there's still much we don't know. The only way to find out more will be to strike that base and scour it for information.

You must secure the entire base, defeating all foes within it, as well as search for any information about the Council's programs against us. I know that you will succeed.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Defeat all Council in base

Icon clue generic.png
A report on manufacturing
The text of this extensive report, written by the leader of the base, details the numerous problems that Council engineers are having producing Quantum Array weapons to Arakhn's specifications. According to the report they are having difficulty working with the strange quantum engineering the weapons require. This has kept them from producing quantum array guns in sufficient numbers to flood the streets.
Icon clue generic.png
Freelancer report
This report details the successes and failures that a Colonel Zaos, the leader of a Council Void Hunter support base, has had selling the services of the Void Hunter mercenaries in his command. The report talks about negotiations with groups ranging from the Circle of Thorns to the Devouring Earth, and even the Rularuu! Luckily, there's enough detail in the report to reconstruct some details of where Colonel Zaus's base may be located.


From the information you found, it seems that the Council is having some trouble manufacturing these Quantum Array Guns. However, they still have the Void Hunter mercenaries. I have a suspicion that I can't confirm, but the answer may be waiting at the base controlled by this Colonel Zaus. Combined with that I already know, you may have found enough information to locate his lair.

Strike Void Hunter base


The Void Hunter base you discovered is your final target. Taking it out won't stop the Void Hunters, but will set them back and at the same time help us to learn more about this enemy.

A word of warning. I have good information that there is a Void Hunter at that base, but he's not your goal. You will not need to defeat the Void Hunter to finish this. It may be better to avoid him if it's possible. There's no need to fight a Void Hunter on his own ground when you can get the information we want by defeating Colonel Zaus.

Remember that your target is Colonel Zaus and his aides. The worst case scenario is that there will be a Void Hunter liaison on his staff, but I trust that you'll be able to handle any such situation.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Defeat Colonel Zaus and his men

Icon clue generic.png
A list of candidates
These pages of names list Council soldiers selected as potential candidates for various enhancement programs. There are pages of potential Cor Leonis and Vampyr subjects listed, but the last set of names draws most of your interest. It's a list of candidates for a process called 'Nictus Fragment Integration'.

There are two lists: one set to be transformed into some un-named form, and a second list of prospective candidates for the process that's been annotated by Colonel Zaus. Zaus' notes separate the candidates into two groups. Those whom he thinks will have the flexibility to work with other groups as Void Hunter mercenaries, and those he thinks should work within the Council, due to their loyalty.

Icon clue generic.png
Production reports
These appear to be production reports, surreptitiously sent to Colonel Zaus from a friend of his in the Council's Engineering corps. The report shows that the Council hasn't been able to increase the manufacturing rate of Quantum Array weapons, and so are recommending a greater reliance on Void Hunter mercenaries.


Now we know. The Council is producing and distributing both the Quantum Array weapons and the Void Hunter mercenaries. The Quantum array guns are bad enough, but what really worries me is the 'Nictus fragment Integration' process they are using. That can't be good. It's a two pronged attack, pointed directly at the throat of every Kheldian not allied with the Council, and it's being masterminded by Arakhn herserlf. You have done very well in uncovering this. Now that we are aware of our true enemy, I know that with Peacebringers like you rising through the ranks, we shall overcome any challenge the Council throws in our way.

War and Peacebringers


Levels: 10 - 15

The Renegade Dossier

The names are plainly listed in this dossier: Coldstar. Moonbow. Lightburner. FullAlbedo. Brightshift. 5 Peacebringers. 5 Renegades. 5 Names that will live in infamy among Peacebringer and Warshade alike. You've kept this dossier on the 5 Peacebringers who all went renegade to remind you of a dirty incident in Peacebringer history you recall as:

War and Peacebringers

It all started when Sunstorm asked you to investigate the recent disappearance of several Peacebringers. you spoke with Shadowstar, who told you that the Circle of Thorns had shown some interest in Kheldians. The mystic in charge of that project had recently escaped from Ziggursky Prison, so you pressed on Circle mystics on the streets to track him down.

You found and defeated the Circle mystic Aeoch, but he told you that he had nothing to do with the missing Peacebringers. However, Aeoch did point you towards a Lt. Morely of the Council, who was researching Warshade movements and organization under Requiem's orders.

You investigated the base, and found not only Lt. Morely and his report on Warshade activity, but Coldstar, one of the missing Peacebringers. Instead of thanking you for the rescue, Coldstar called you a traitor and attacked!

After his capture, Coldstar claimed that all the missing Peacebringers had started working with the Council to wipe out the Warshades, who they thought were a threat to the resolve of the Peacebringers in the war against Nictus. To see if he was telling the truth, you investigated the location where Coldstar had said that Moonbow, another of the missing Peacebringers, was supposed to be. Moonbow's attack confirmed it, as did a list of the renegades. The list also had the name of a 5th rogue!

Now that you had a list of the Renegades, you went to Shadowstar so that she could warn the Warshades. She told you with mounting horror that the 5th Rogue, Lightburner, had taken Shadowstar's daughter, the reporter Lillian Issan, on a mission against the Vahzilok! You followed them and were able to rescue Lillian and defeat the renegade, who revealed that they only wanted Lillian as bait for Shadowstar!

You tracked down the last two rogues, defeating them and putting an end to their plan to assassinate Shadowstar, but many questions remain. Who in the Council was working with the rogues and why? What did Requiem have to do with the operation, and who or what is the mysterious Arakhn? Sunstorm asked you to come back when you were around security level 15 to continue the investigations.

Talk to Shadowstar


I'm glad to see you. With all that's happened, I thought that maybe you'd become a victim as well. You see, several other Peacebringers have disappeared in the last few days, and I don't know what might have happened to them. I'm almost out of leads, but I was thinking about another recent case, and it gives me an idea. One of Shadowstar's Warshades was abducted and then recovered from the Circle of Thorns. These incidents might be related. Could you talk to Shadowstar and get the details of that incident?

We Peacebringers have made a lot of enemies here, but the Warshades aren't among them. If Shadowstar knows anything that can help, she's sure to tell us.

And take this. It's a list of the missing Peacebringers, and when they were last seen. You should familiarize yourself with it. It may help out.

Icon clue generic.png
The missing Kheldians
This dossier has the names of the four missing Peacebringers:

Last seen investigating the Circle of Thorns by himself. Never reported back to his contact.
Investigation was inconclusive.

Last seen during a raid on a Vahzilok facility. Teammates say he went to search for a captive and disappeared.
Investigation was inconclusive.

Last seen hunting Council squads in Boomtown. Teammates report that she simply dropped off of their radar and they never saw her again.
Investigation was inconclusive.

Last seen by Ms. Liberty after achieving a new security level.
Investigation was inconclusive.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Talk to Shadowstar

Briefing Shadowstar

I was told you were coming, and I am glad to see you have arrived safely. One of our number was abducted recently, but we were able to find those responsible and recover the victim. The Circle of Thorns captured one of our number called Shadowcatcher, and sought to divine the secrets of Kheldian integration by splitting him back into his human and Kheldian components. Both the human and Kheldian parts of Shadowcatcher were rescued, and are even now learning to re-integrate, so we thought that this was ended. However, I have learned that the leader of the project, a mystic called 'Researcher Aeoch' has escaped. He may be trying to start his experiments again. I suggest that you seek out members of the Circle of Thorns and pry Aeoch's location from them.

Thank you for coming to speak with us. I hope you find your missing ones.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Defeat 10 Circle of Thorns

Icon clue generic.png
A cultist's confession
After you defeated them, one of the Circle cultists buckled and told you:

'I'll tell you where to find Aeoch! After he escaped from Ziggursky, he made it back to the city below. Our home, Oranbega. He's there now, preparing his reports for his masters. I'll tell you where to go, but all you'll find there is your death.'

Disturbing though his words were, the cultist's directions seem to be legitimate.


It's no guarantee, but this Aeoch might be the right place to start. I'm putting this part of the investigation into your hands. I know you won't let me down.

Defeat Aeoch & cronies


The information you found about this 'Researcher Aeoch' from the Circle of Thorns and his experiments on Warshades make him a prime suspect in the disappearance of our fellow Peacebringers. You have his current location, the job now is to bring him down.

Aeoch is certain to be well guarded, and is likely not a pushover even on his own. Be careful. We don't want to lose any more people today.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Defeat Aeoch and his men


I don't like to take the word of a criminal cultist at face value, but this is still a lead. We know the Council are interested in us, and they are at the top of the list of suspects. Aeoch's visitor might know something. I'll see if I can confirm any of this information before you go in. I don't want to lose any more people.

Take out Council base


I've checked Aeoch's information out with some of my contacts and while no one can confirm it, the location he gave does look like it might be a Council base. I'm reluctant to ask you to investigate, but it's the only lead we have. I don't know what you might find in there, but right now the only option to find our missing fellow Peacebringers is to take out that Council base and search it for information.

You will need to take out all the Council troops in the base and check and check its computer system for any clues. Be careful, though. Something about all of this still feels wrong to me.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Defeat all Council in base

Icon clue generic.png
A report on Warshade activity
This well researched report details the activities of many Warshades, pinpointing which ones have the most well connected social networks, and which ones are relative loners. It indexes this against the estimated difficulty to terminate them, and the damage it would cause to the Warshades to do so.


Coldstar? Coldstar was the second to go missing. He's one of the most dedicated and tireless in the battle against the Nictus. I can't believe that he was working with the Council. I don't know what this could all mean. Maybe he was mind controlled or brainwashed. We'll talk to him. We'll find the truth. This is all wrong, this is all wrong.

Verify Coldstar's confession


I can't believe that Coldstar was working with the Council, but what he's said after you captured him is even worse. Coldstar claims that all of our missing Peacebringers have gone over to the Council, because the Council agreed to help them eradicate the Warshades. Coldstar and the others feel that the Warshades are a huge threat to the war against the Nictus because they're undermining our resolve. Coldstar's said a lot of things, but we still can't be sure he's telling the truth. Not until his claims are checked out. That's what I need to ask you to do.

Coldstar let the location of Moonbow slip out. We have to know if Moonbow is a captive, or one of them. Your objective will be to find Moonbow, and either free her or capture her. You'll also need to look for any more evidences that corroborates or disapproves Coldstar's story.

It could be a trap, or it could tell us whether Coldstar's telling the truth. For all of our sakes, I hope that he's lying. I thought that the Peacebringer extremists might have been tempered by merging with humans, like I was. Or that they would at least give the Warshades a chance.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Find Moonbow

Icon clue generic.png
Warehouse key
This key should open a locked door over here.
Icon clue generic.png
Security key
This key should open a locked door over here.
Icon clue generic.png
The renegade dossier
This Council document lists the rogue Peacebringers who have pledged to help eradicate the Warshades. Coldstar, Moonbow, Fullalbedo and Brightshift are all listed, though no locations are mentioned. However, this document also names a fifth renegade, named Lightburner, who hasn't yet disappeared from the ranks like the rest.


It's all true. These rogues, these renegades, they've decided that even the thought that a Nictus might convert and defect to the Warshades is enough to weaken our resolve to stop the Nictus. They probably see themselves as tragic heroes, sacrificing themselves by working with the Council in order to save our mission. They're idiots. But dangerous idiots. I'll try to bring in Lightburner before he can do any harm, but this is far from over.

Warn Shadowstar


Now that we know about these Renegades, we have to warn the Warshades. I'm trying to track them down, particularly Lightburner, the only one who hasn't disappeared on his own yet. Until that's done, can you deliver the warning to Shadowstar? She has to know who the rogues are and what they're after if she's going to protect her people.

Thank you. This has to be done in person, there's no way of knowing if the rogues have compromised our communications.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Talk to Shadowstar

Briefing Shadowstar

This is grave news, but it is lightened by your warning. Please accept my thanks for this warning. I will send word should one of the rogues turn up.
Wait a moment!
I see the name 'Lightburner' on the list of rogues! This Lightburner, he was just here! He was talking to Lillian, my daughter. She's a reporter, and when she told him she was investigating the Vahzilok, he invited her along on a mission against them. I gave her permission to go, thinking she would be safe with a Kheldian to guard her and that she should meet more Peacebringers and learn about them. Now I fear for her safety. You must help me. I beg you, help me find my daughter Lillian.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Defeat Lightburner and cronies

Icon clue generic.png
The girl was just bait
After you defeated the rogue Peacebringer Lightburner he told you:

'I'm kid of glad you came. This whole thing didn't sit well with me. The girl was just bait, anyway, to draw in her mother. Fullalbedo and Brightshift are supposed to finish her off as soon as we get the Quantum guns from the Council. Arakhn said she'd have them for us, but I heard Requiem delayed the shipments to spite her. They're all scum, but we had to work with them. Every second the Warshades exist is a second they make us question our purpose. And every time we question, we grow weaker against the Nictus'


Shadowstar's daughter Lillian is safe, and now we have 3 of the 5 rogues, all thanks to your efforts. That only leaves 2, Fullalbedo and Brightshift. These were our people before they became fanatics, but that doesn't excuse their actions. They have to be stopped before they can make an attack on Shadowstar.

Capture the remaining renegades


We've been able to piece together the location of the last two renegades. They're at a Council base waiting for a shipment of Quantum Array Guns. They plan to use them to ambush Shadowstar. Initially they were planning to draw her in using Lillian, but thanks to you that plan's not going to happen. This gives us the opportunity we need. We can put a stop to the renegades' plans if we strike them now, but it won't be easy.

Your main goal is to capture Fullalbedo and Brightshift, but they are sure to have a full contingent of Council troops there to aid them. There may also be some Quantum array guns that have been shipped in. Capture any of those you can.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Defeat Fullalbedo
    • Defeat Brightshift

Scene: Fullalbedo attacked

' You won't stop us! Shadowstar will die!'

Scene: Brightshift attacked

' I apologize for nothing! I regret nothing! The only change I'd make would be to kill you first!'


You've brought the renegades down before too much damage was done, and for that we're all in your debt. When word of the rogues first got out, there were many among the Warshades who thought it was a sign of our true intentions against them. But your success against the renegades has proven otherwise, and also helped remind our fellow Peacebringers that we all must work together.

I've spoken with Shadowstar about this whole event, and we've come to the conclusion that both sides need to work together more in future so that incidents like this don't happen again. From this point forward, we'll be sharing more information and working together on some cases. It's the start of a new era in the war against the Nictus. This planet has proven once more that we needn't fight alone.

I'll keep looking into this, but things are only to get more dangerous. Talk to me again when you're around Security level 15. There may be more for you then.




All of the information you gathered at the abandoned lab along with the information from the captives you've rescued has revealed the location of what we think is a current research base. They will likely become aware of their vulnerability soon, so we must take this moment to strike. I naturally thought you might want to take this base out, considering your involvement in the case.

If the information we have is right, there will be plenty for you to do. First off, we believe that there may be one or more captives being held there you must rescue. There will also no doubt be much useful information to find. In addition, the base commander and his staff must be dealt with, or he'll be able to raise an alarm. And finally, there may be actual Nictus Fragments at this facility. You must take them out of the Council's hands.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Raid Council Base


Missing Debriefing

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