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Suggestion Engine Projector

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From the Story Arc "Destiny Follows" given by Bane Spider Ruben.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 15-24.

Souvenir's Text

Suggestion Engine Projector

This small metal disk was all that it took to enthrall your rival Destined Ones into following your every command. Though it's no longer functional, it serves as a reminder that sometimes...

Destiny Follows

It began when you were approached by a Bane Spider named Harvey Ruben. Ruben wanted you to infiltrate a cult that was convincing Destined Ones to turn to heroism. You infiltrated the cult's Meeting Grounds and met with Baron Zukor, who was clearly using some kind of psychic influence to control his followers.

After spending some time gaining Zukor's trust, you discovered a link between Baron Zukor and Longbow. Ruben gave you a spare Arachnos uniform, and you infiltrated a nearby Longbow base in search of answers. It was there that you learned of the experimental device called the Suggestion Engine.

Apparently, Zukor was using the machine to emit low-frequency psychic 'suggestion' to his followers, allowing him to control multiple subjects without using an excessive amount of psychic force. You confronted and killed Zukor, and took the Suggestion Engine for yourself.

However, the moment Zukor fell, Ruben informed you that Longbow was mobilizing to take Cap au Diable, and to hunt down the remainders of Zukor's cult. You used the Suggestion Engine to take control of your fellow Destined Ones, then used your newfound army to strike down Longbow before they could mount their assault.

In the end, the Suggestion Engine lost its residual charge and became effectively inert. While its power may be lost, your peers will always remember the day that they took orders, unquestioningly, from you.

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