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== Overview ==
== Overview ==
'''Spirits''' is an enemy group that appeared during [[Halloween Event]]s.  They appear when players click on doors and get a "Trick".
'''Spirits''' is an enemy group that appear during [[Halloween Event]]s.  They appear when players click on doors and get a "Trick".
== Background ==
== Background ==

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Spirits is an enemy group that appear during Halloween Events. They appear when players click on doors and get a "Trick".


There is no official background about this group at this time.

Enemy Types




Paranormal investigators have long theorized that ghosts are created by only the most violent deaths. These specimens are certainly angry enough to support that assessment.


Flight TravelFlight.png Flight Self fly
Spirits have the inherent ability to fly with no endurance cost.

DarkCast SoulDrain.png Gloom (Ranged) Damage over Time, Negative, Foe -Accuracy
Gloom slowly drains a target of life and reduces his chances to hit. Slower than Dark Blast, but deals more Damage over Time.

ShadowFighting Smite.png Smite Melee, Smash/Negative, Moderate Damage, Foe -Accuracy
More powerful version of Shadow Punch, Smite deals more damage, but takes longer to recharge. Like Shadow Punch, Smite can reduce the target's accuracy.

ShadowFighting SiphonLife.png Siphon Life Psionic/Negative Energy Damage, Foe -Accuracy
The Spirit taps the powers of the netherworld and it's own psychic power to steal life from you and transfer some of it to himself. Your accuracy has been reduced.

Temporary PVP BuffDefense.png Resistance Auto, Self +Res( S40 L40 E-30 N30 P-30 T30 ) Prot( Im 3 Kb 100 ) Res( Im 33.33% )
Spectres are non corporeal and highly resistant to Immobilization, Smashing, Lethal and Negative Energy damage. However, they are vulnerable to Energy and Psionic damage.


File:Badge event buster.png Buster

You have defeated 20 ghosts, spirits who have not rested since their original death.