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Specialist Greer

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Specialist Greer
Specialist Greer.jpg
PPD Hardsuit Specialist
Zone Peregrine Island
Coordinates (429, 0, -1416)
Level Range 40-50
Introduced By None
Introduces None
Enemy Groups

Badge villain carnival.png Carnival of Shadows
Badge villain cot.png Circle of Thorns
Badge villain malta.png Malta Operatives
Badge villain nemesis.png Nemesis
Badge villain rularru.png Soldiers of Rularuu

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ParagonMarket SignatureStoryArc1Ep6.png Requires Who Will Die, Episode 6.

Specialist Greer is a hero contact in the Bayside Docks neighborhood of Peregrine Island at coordinates (429, 0, -1416). His level range is 40-50. He is standing 34 yards NE of the Bayside Docks marker. Specialist Greer is the sixth contact in the hero-side Who Will Die Signature Story Arc available on the Paragon Market or free with subscription. He will provide his story arc to heroes, vigilantes and rogues.


Contact Introduced By

None; Specialist Greer is available through the Signature Story Arc Contact option.

Contact Introduces



PPD Hardsuit Specialist

Specialist Greer is one of the best pilots the PPD has to offer when it comes to Hardsuits. Greer was a former detective who showed surprisingly high scores on the tests to pilot the high-tech PPD Hardsuit. He is extremely capable and willing to do whatever it takes to help the heroes of the city get the job done.

Content Not Purchased

You need to purchase the sixth episode of the first signature story arc, Who Will Die, or be a VIP in order to play Specialist Greer's story arc.

Initial Contact

Missing Initial Contact Dialogue


Missing At Least One Greeting Dialogue

Too Busy

Missing Too Busy Dialogue

Too Low Level

+++ Missing Information +++

Story Arc

The Last Piece

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards ? Reward Merits.


A Poster With Your Image

An artist sent you a poster with a stylized picture of you on the front. Beneath it are the words, 'HOPE'. This poster has been going around the internet after the initial panic that occurred from the news that Darrin Wade killed Sister Psyche. This act was an event you call...

The Last Piece

You knew that Wade intended to merge with Rularuu, but you didn't know how. He set everything up so that Sister Psyche would die, and that he would gain her powers. With this, you have the final piece of Wade's puzzle. He intends to use Statesman's incredible willpower and strength, along with Sister Psyche's mind ride ability, to actually take over Rularuu's shattered mind.

Wade may think he is going to win, given the perception that he led you along all of this time. However, he's continually failed at one major task: killing you. Other heroes have fallen, but you've continued to push on, showing Wade that there still exists someone who his plans can't control.

Wherever Wade is now, you can be sure he's planning on two things: how to join with Rularuu, and how to put an end to your existence. A lesser person would be scared of this, but you know that all this means is that you're the last weakness Wade has in his armor. When the time comes, you're going to put an end to Wade's mad scheme and show the world that true heroes still do exist, and that they're here to protect the people from monsters like Darrin Wade.

How it Ends


Hey, Character, glad to see you're here. We've got a major situation that we need your help in handling. Sister Psyche's condition is getting worse by the minute. The portion of Aurora Borealis that is trapped within her mind is growing more powerful, causing Sister Psyche's control over her powers to, well, go wild.

Manticore has been... well, difficult to work with, at best. We may have a lead on how to actually cure Psyche, but it's not going to be easy.

This is why we called you. I won't be much help from my hardsuit, given this is a psychic matter. You're more versatile than I am... well, until I get a promotion to hero status. But that's neither here nor there.

If you're ready, I've got the debriefing on the situation and how we can handle this.

This arc contains elite bosses, which may be difficult to defeat by yourself.

Mission Acceptance

Excellent. We've been trying to work with Manticore to piece together the situation, but we've had little to no luck. We need to rely on rather unsavory resources to handle this.

We've heard rumors that the Carnival of Shadows have dealt with situations where two minds are battling it out inside of one person. If that's the case, they may have the answers that we need.

Now, to make it clear, we're not asking the Carnival for help. We're arresting them and then telling them that they will be helping us. I don't know about you, but I don't make deals with these people.

We've got a reading on where a Carnival party is going on in Peregrine Island. Our psychics say that there's one of the more powerful psychics there, but they're not sure who exactly it is. You need to get in there, find out what they know, and then act on it.

Oh, one other thing. The PPD psychics say there were two powerful psychics in there, but one seemed... friendlier? I don't know, but I'd be the on lookout, if I were you. There could be a hero trapped in that office.

Find out information from the Carnival of Shadows

Unnecessary Solicitation

Don't worry about me, Character. I'll be monitoring things from here.

Mission Objective(s)


The Carnival's perfume fills the air, almost to the point where it becomes difficult to breathe.

  • Find out information from the Carnival of Shadows
    • Rescue the trapped hero
    • Speak with Penelope Yin
    • Meet with Vanessa DeVore
    • Work with Vanessa DeVore to fend off Malta
    • Speak with Vanessa DeVore

You've found out a possible lead on saving Sister Psyche!


Badge villain carnival.png Carnival of Shadows
Badge villain malta.png Malta Operatives

Notable NPCs:

You rescued the hero, who seems to be... Penelope Yin?


You see Penelope Yin before you, though many years have passed since she was the girl asking for help in Faultline. She seems to be in her early twenties now, dressed to fight as a real super hero.

Character! I'm so happy you're here. Everyone in the Phalanx refused to accept my help, but I'm totally a trained hero now!

I read the minds of the PPD and saw that they were looking for the Carnival, so I decided to come here first to see what's going on. That's when I ran into a little trouble...

But I swear, I can fight! I've been training myself and everything! And we'll need all the help we can get. The PPD couldn't tell who was here, but I can, and it's Vanessa DeVore herself!

  • Alright, let's get going to find DeVore.
Great! You lead the way! I'm with you all the way on this, Character, we're going to save Sister Psyche!
  • Alright, follow me.
  • Should I just still call you Penelope Yin, or...?
Penelope Yin grumbles.
I had a bunch of REALLY good names for myself, but my friends Jim and Fusionette all laughed at them! Sure, they can have cool names like Faultline and Fusionette, but I'm stuck with just my regular name, all because, 'we can't imagine you as anyone else'.
That's fine, though, I'll earn myself a name if I have to. I'll show everyone that I CAN be a real super hero!
  • What sort of training did you receive? This is very dangerous stuff.
Well... that's a long story, Character, way too long to get into here. Just know that I can do this, and I know what I'm doing!
We'll have time later on to go over what I've been doing over the past few years.

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! At this point you are ambushed by five waves of Malta.


Well, Character, I'm quite pleased with how this turned out for the both of us. I've heard all about the commotion with little Psyche. You're trying to save her, aren't you?

I suppose I do owe you. I would hate to see what would've happened if Malta captured me. Mm, well, here's how we handle a similar situation.

If two minds are battling within one, we figured that the mind that we want to maintain dominance needs to be powered up in some way. Then, that mind takes control. It's rather simple, but our process only works on, well, those with masks. And I doubt Sister Psyche is willing to have another little date with our mask.

There is a ritual that the Circle of Thorns have, however, that could do the trick, mm? Now, with all that being said, I believe it's time for me to go...

  • Alright, Vanessa. I'm letting you off this one time.
Vanessa DeVore pats your shoulder before fading away into thin air.
  • (Leave)
  • Not so fast, Vanessa. You're coming with me.
Vanessa DeVore laughs as she begins to vanish in thin air.
I believe you have more important things to handle than little old me, Character!
  • (Leave)

Icon clue generic.png
Message from Specialist Greer
Vanessa DeVore informed you that the Circle of Thorns have a ritual that could help save Sister Psyche's life. Specialist Greer contacted you afterward, letting you know that Akarist, a former Circle of Thorns mage, was currently in Portal Corp. He would be the one person who would know about this ritual and how to perform it.
Meet with Akarist in Portal Corp

Unnecessary Solicitation

Akarist should be able to get us the information we need. Just be aware that something bad will definitely happen when you're there.

Mission Objective(s)


Portal Corp seems to be on full alert. With Statesman's death, the villains of Paragon have been much more active lately.

  • Meet with Akarist in Portal Corp
    • Meet with Akarist
    • 8 groups of Nemesis to defeat
    • Defeat the Fake Nemesis inside of Portal Corp
    • 4 Nemesis generals to defeat

You've cleared Nemesis out of Portal Corp. Now it's time to save Sister Psyche's life!


Badge villain nemesis.png Nemesis

Notable NPCs:


Character. What can I do for you? As you can see, I'm in the middle of something with the scientists in Portal Corp. Some very... odd things have been happening after Statesman's death.

  • (Explain the situation to Akarist)

Hrm... interesting. Yes, I do know of a ritual that the Circle of Thorns have. I hadn't thought about it, to be honest, but then again, the number of rituals the Circle have are... well, let's just say they are vast.

The ritual in question can temporarily empower a circle mage, and when I say temporary, I mean quite temporary. If it were not, you would see it used much more often. The mage's abilities are empowered so that they may summon powerful entities into this world.

The ritual is located deep in Oranbega, but I believe for someone such as yourself, it will not be hard to reach.

  • Thank you, Akarist.

Alarms begin to ring in Portal Corps, with someone coming over the speaker system saying that Nemesis is attacking Portal Corp! Akarist sighs, shaking his head.

Why not? I would advise you deal with this threat, Character. In the meantime, I shall do you a favor and contact the proper authorities regarding this. You can assume that Psyche and Manticore will make their way towards the ritual site once they find out.

Oh, and please see that Nemesis does not kidnap me. It's very bothersome to be in the middle of something only to be kidnapped.

  • Will do.

Perform the Ritual on Sister Psyche

Unnecessary Solicitation

We're almost to the end of this, Character. Just one last thing to do and we're home free.

Mission Objective(s)


Sister Psyche and Penelope Yin wait for you at the entrance to Oranbega. The two women nod to you as you step in.

  • Perform the Ritual on Sister Psyche
    • 3 obelisks to activate to access the ritual site
    • Escort Sister Psyche to the ritual site
    • Defeat Darrin Wade's Assassin
    • Get Back to Manticore

Manticore was forced to kill Sister Psyche in order to save the lives of everyone in Paragon City. You defeated one of Wade's lieutenants, but Wade must be made to pay for everything he's done to the Freedom Phalanx.


Badge villain cot.png Circle of Thorns
Badge villain rularru.png Soldiers of Rularuu

Notable NPCs:

How It Ends Something Isn't Right.jpg

Sister Psyche: Justin... something... something isn't right!

Manticore: What is it?!

How It Ends Psyche Out of Control.jpg

Sister Psyche: I can't... control my powers...! They're going... out of control...!
Aurora Borealis: WADE! He did this! He had no intention of freeing me!

How It Ends Stay Calm.jpg

Manticore: Just stay calm, I'll handle this.

How It Ends Psyche Fighting for Control.jpg

Sister Psyche: I can't... I can barely control the power from killing you...! It's... spreading... my power is affecting everyone in Paragon!

How It Ends Hear Their Screams.jpg

How It Ends Killing Paragon.jpg

How It Ends Hang In There.jpg

Manticore: I need you to hang in there! There's a way to stop this!

Sister Psyche: NO! There's no more time! It's going to happen at any moment... you KNOW what... you have to do!

How It Ends Not Killing You.jpg

Manticore: I'm not killing you!

How It Ends No Choice.jpg

Sister Psyche: There's no choice!

How It Ends Won't Do It.jpg

Manticore: I WON'T DO IT!

Sister Psyche: JUSTIN!

How It Ends Hesitation.jpg
How It Ends Taking the Shot.jpg
How It Ends Arrow Finds Its Mark.jpg
How It Ends Death of Sister Psyche.jpg
How It Ends Manticore's Remorse.jpg


Manticore remains silent, his eyes staring at Sister Psyche's body. You notice something very different about his eyes. They seem much colder than before.

You look over to Sister Psyche to see her body is still, Manticore's arrow piercing her through. His action saved everyone in Paragon City, at the cost of Sister Psyche's life... though now Darrin Wade has both Psyche and Statesman's powers.



Character. I know what happened. There was nothing you could've done. Montague and the Midnight Squad just did a clean sweep of the area and found an artifact hidden in Oranbega. It's an item that, when triggered, also causes a surge in power.

Wade must have tied the artifact to go off when the ritual began. It completely overloaded Psyche's powers... she never stood a chance.

We know that Wade now has Sister Psyche's powers. Whatever he's planning, it's going to be coming to light sooner rather than later. The most we can do now is continue our hunt for Wade.

If it involves Rularuu, then Vanguard is going to be getting involved in this. We do, though, have one final weapon against Wade. He's tried multiple times now to kill you, Character, only to fail each time. If there's anyone who is going to bring Wade down, it's going to be you.

If he was confident that you couldn't stop him, he wouldn't have sent that woman to kill you. Wherever Wade is, he's nervous, and I know the day will come when Wade will no longer be able to hide from you. I hope on that day the entire world will be able to witness what happens when a true hero comes face to face with a coward like Darrin Wade.

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