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Sondra Costel

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Sondra Costel
Sondra Costel.jpg
Zone Atlas Park
Coordinates (-1126, 0, -1152)
Level Range 1-7
Introduced By None
Introduces == Level 1-7 ==
Aaron Thiery
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Sondra Costel is a hero contact in the Hyperion Way neighborhood of Atlas Park at coordinates (-1126, 0, -1152).


Contact Introduced By

Contact Introduces

Level 1-7

There's a scientist that works at SERAPH, his name is Aaron Thiery. Matthew Habashy said he might be able to help regarding the situation with Arachnos in Atlas Park. He'd like for you to go talk to him to see what you can find.

SERAPH is always trying to help out with things here in Atlas. I know you can help them out, Character! Just watch out for Thiery, I've heard he's a little... weird.


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Initial Contact

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Too Busy

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No More Missions

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Story Arc

Lay Down Your Burdens

Galaxy City First Responder

Sondra Costel also appears in Destroyed Galaxy City where she is assisting with survivor evacuations as 'Helpful Woman':

The woman is front of you seems to have several injuries, including a minor head wound. Despite that, she seems to be staying to treat other wounded.

Hello! Please, really, don't worry about me. You must be one of the heroes that were trapped in the city. I'm very happy to see you made it out!

I'm going to stay here as long as possible to help these people, but there's a lot to be done still in Atlas, they need you there!

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  • You need to really get out of here, this place is going to be destroyed!
It's sweet of you to worry about me, but I'll be fine. I'm a trained nurse and we're dreadfully short of aid here.
I'm not afraid, I know there's a good reason that I just happened to be in Galaxy today. Now, please, you have to get going!
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