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Soft Cap

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Soft Cap

A soft cap is a practical but not absolute maximum to some bonus or stat, where it is possible to go higher but doing so produces little or no additional benefit.


The two most common examples of soft caps are:

  • Enhancement Diversification. Once a character reaches a certain percentage of Enhancement bonus to a power, each additional Enhancement provides sharply diminished returns.
  • Defense. +45% is the soft cap on Defense versus an attack. Due to the way the game's Attack Mechanics work, any more Defense past that will not make the character any harder to hit, except in cases where the attackers have ToHit buffs, are six or more levels above him, or can give him -Defense debuffs.
    • Note that in the Incarnate Trials, enemies have an equivalent to +14% ToHit, so the Incarnate soft cap is 59% instead of 45%.

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