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|  width="50%" | [[Image:Badge_DayJob_Auctioneer.png|30 px]] {{DayJobBadge|Day Trader}}
|  width="50%" | [[Image:Badge_DayJob_Auctioneer.png|30 px]] {{DayJobBadge|Day Trader}}
| colspan=2 align=center | [[Image:Badge_DayJobAcc_Entreprenaur.png|40 px]] '''{{DayJobBadge|Entrepreneur}}'''
| colspan=2 align=center | [[Image:Badge_DayJobAcc_Entrepreneur.png|40 px]] '''{{DayJobBadge|Entrepreneur}}'''

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You have spent your free time running a shop in Paragon City selling various wares earning you the Shop Keeper Day Job. Logging out in a store will earn you a random enhancement, upon each mission completion, for a short time.

Day Job Bonus

DayJob Loot.png Shop Keeper Auto: Special Enhancement Bonus
Your time working as a shop keeper has given you an eye for quality. Upon completion of a mission, while this effect has time remaining, you will be awarded an enhancement.

For every X hours, Character gains Y duration up to a 2 hour maximum.

Accolade Requirement

Badge DayJob ShopKeeper.png Shop Keeper Badge DayJob Auctioneer.png Template:DayJobBadge
Badge DayJobAcc Entrepreneur.png Template:DayJobBadge

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