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Shayne Herrera

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Shayne Herrara at the Game Developers Conference 2007

Title: Art Development Director/Studio Art Director and Lead Artist

Joined Cryptic Studios in March 2006.


A 14-year veteran of the video game industry, Shayne started his career as a production artist at Sierra Online in Eugene, Oregon in 1997. During his time at Sierra, Shayne shipped the ground breaking hit Starsiege Tribes. It wasn't long until the booming San Francisco game development market lured Shayne south, where he found a home at LucasArts. Over the next two years he worked on titles such as Star Wars: Force Commander, Escape from Monkey Island, and Star Wars: Starfighter. After his time with LucasArts, Shayne found himself in a five year commitment with EA, allowing him to add numerous titles to his resume including 007: Everything or Nothing and The Godfather.

Over the years, Shayne has gained extensive experience in the industry, evolving from a production artist at Sierra Online, to his current position as the art development director and lead artist for Cryptic Studios. Shayne's current focus is guiding Cryptic Studios into the next generation of video game visuals. He encouraged cooperation between the different departments such as art and design, as he finds it essential to build the best games.

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