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Shard of Ice

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From the Story Arc "An Act of Mercy" given by Mu'Vorkan.
This Souvenir is restricted to level 50.

Souvenir's Text

Shard of Ice

This shard of ice is all that remains of Ice Mistral. It fell off of her shoulders after she was willingly devoured by Mot, the monster within Dark Astoria. It was a surprising gesture of...

An Act of Mercy

You discovered that the power in Dark Astoria was out to twist the minds of those within the city, looking to make them feel utterly hopeless before devouring them. Scirocco, with his sordid past, was one of the targets.

After rescuing a man named Max and discovering more about the city, you found out about a monster called the Sentinel, one of the powerful soldiers of Mot. If you could defeat the beast, it would weaken Mot and buy you more time to try to figure out everything in the city. Scirocco, however, had gone missing and approached the beast. He was nearly devoured by Mot, having given up on any hope in the future changing, when his apprentice, Ice Mistral, showed a sudden change of heart and demanded to be absorbed instead.

Scirocco was struck by this act of mercy, realizing that somehow all of his teachings had actually gotten through to Ice Mistral. He agreed to help in the fight against Mot and swore that he would be back, and that when he returned, he would rescue Ice Mistral from wherever she was.

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