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Sand Kings

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The Sand Kings were a division of the 1st Hero Brigade. They became the prototype for how paranormal soldiers could be integrated into military strategy.


When America entered World War II, literally hundreds of heroes rushed to join the military. These super-powered soldiers were organized into the 1st Hero Brigade, a large unit tasked with confronting Axis villains on the battlefield. Unfortunately, the heroes soon found that going toe-to-toe with criminals was much easier than battling legions of tanks. After the 1st Hero Brigade suffered heavy casualties in military engagements, the Americans decided that heroes could better serve the cause by performing special operations and surgical strikes rather than working in large, military style units. The 1st Hero Brigade separated into dozens of small strike teams and spread out across North Africa. Among the most successful of these new teams was a group that called itself the Sand Kings. Made up entirely of heroes from Paragon City, the Sand Kings were street level heroes headed by the mysterious Dream Doctor. With the help of the Doctor's mind control and illusion powers they became the new model for how heroes could be most effective in the war.

The Sand Kings lived and fought behind enemy lines, operating totally free from the normal chain of command. They specialized in sabotaging Axis equipment and kidnapping high-ranking Nazi soldiers. Allied watchmen would routinely stumble across sedated and bound German officers, delivered like Christmas presents to American intelligence. The Sand Kings caused so much disruption and chaos that the German High Command was forced to divert much of its own super powered resources to the North African front, providing relief for the besieged Britain.

It's unknown how long the Sand Kings continued to operate, but it is assumed that they remained active until the end of World War II (and perhaps longer). Eventually, the Dream Doctor likely returned to Paragon City, but members of the Sand Kings may have continued to work for the U.S. government during the Cold War and beyond.