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Sample of the Unity cure

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From the Story Arc "The Unity Plague" given by Jenny Firkins or Lou Pasterelli.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 30-34.

Souvenir's Text

Sample of the Unity cure

You've kept this small, intelligent sample of the Unity cure as a potent reminder of the time you stopped:

The Unity Plague

It all began when you saved Dr. Victor Ido and his team of researchers from a Devouring Earth attack. You learned that the good doctor had been studying the process that transforms humans into Devouring Earth creatures, and he had made some alarming discoveries. He had isolated a biological contaminant that was present in both normal humans and the recently Devoured.

You were contacted by Dr. Ido's research team again, this time for help capturing some Devoured creatures so they could confirm a hypothesis. While hunting the creatures, you discovered a new Devouring Earth manifesto that talked about a coming 'Unity.' It urged humankind not to fear the coming change.

With the information you gathered, Dr. Ido's team was able to confirm their hypothesis. The biological contaminant was the first part of the Devouring Earth's new mutagenic plague. Ninety percent of the city was already infected. You began a desperate search for a sample of the plague. When you found a sample, Dr. Ido used it to engineer a cure.

The Devouring Earth attacked Dr. Ido's new lab, but you arrived just in time to fend them off.

With the cure synthesized, all that remained was to distribute it throughout the city. You took the cure to each of the signature heroes of Paragon City. When you reached Numina, she had a dire warning for you. The Devouring Earth had already created a counter-agent and were about to nullify the cure!

With Numina's warning fresh in your mind, you fought the Devouring Earth and destroyed the counter-agent, forever ending the threat of the Unity Plague.

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