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Vol. 173 No. 210
75 cents
Paragon City, RI, September 17, 2004


Heroes all over the city band together to fight off potential invasion force.

By Jackson Turner
Times Staff

PARAGON CITY, Rhode Island, September 17 -- The chaotic events that occurred last night in Paragon City have yet to be fully explained. According to Professor Jonathan St. John-Smythe from the Scientific Experimentation Research and Application to Paranormal Humans branch of the Federal Bureau of Superpowered Affairs, the dimensional energy level in and around the City of Heroes has been steadily increasing over the last week.

The Professor had this to say regarding his analysis. "There was a sharp spike last night shortly before the first of these blighters was spotted. I have not been able to fully identify the dimensional energy signature but it does have a strange resonance with our own."

It is not known at this time what this information means. No one at SERAPH would comment when asked if this was an indicator that the creatures' dimension of origin was close to our own.

File:ParagonTimes alienattack 02.gif

Peregrine Peril

There have also been several sightings of increased military activity on Peregrine Island, particularly near the Portal Corporation. This seems to support the current speculation that this attack is dimensionally based. Brigadier-General Marlon Hammond was spotted on site but had no comment when asked if his presence was linked to the current situation.

This situation is far from resolved according to Professor St. John-Smythe. The threat to Paragon City is very real and on the rise.

"The amount of localized dimensional energy is rising even more rapidly than before. I don't have enough data to make an accurate guess as to its impact, but I implore the heroes of Paragon City to be on full alert. We are all counting on you to protect us."

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