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Paragon Points

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Paragon Points (PP) were introduced with Issue 21/City of Heroes Freedom. They are used to buy items, costumes, archetypes, powersets, and content in the Paragon Market. Paragon Points are purchased with real money, either with credit card or via PayPal.

Additionally, Paragon Points are awarded monthly for keeping a subscription. These points are awarded on the player's billing date. Players with Tier 8 completed get 550pp a month; all other subscribers get 400pp a month.

Purchasing Paragon Points

Paragon Points come in several different "bundles", where buying more points at a time grants a higher bonus number of points.

The first time purchasing Paragon Points, regardless of amount and subscription status, grants one Reward Token. Buying Paragon Points also awards a Reward Token for every 1200pp purchased, including bonus points. The VIP Player stipend does not count toward purchased points.

Points Bonus Total $US €EU £UK Tokens PPD*
400 400 $5.00 €3,98 £3.20 0** 80
1200 120 1320 $15.00 €11,95 £9.61 1** 88
4000 600 4600 $50.00 €39,84 £32.04 3** 92
8000 1600 9600 $100.00 €79,68 £64.08 8 96

*PPD is Points Per Dollar (USD), the number of points granted per dollar purchase. The higher the points purchase, the more points per dollar is given due to the bonus (column two). (Euro and GBP points per "dollar" will be slightly off from this number due to differing purchase prices.)

**Token credit is cumulative, so points beyond the 1200 per token are "banked" toward the next token. Purchasing the 4000pp package (4600/1200=3.8333~) awards three tokens, with some points left over toward a fourth token with next purchase. Purchasing the 4000pp package twice awards 7 tokens, with some left over again. Since the $100 package grants a total of 9600pp, and that is directly divisible by 1200, it doesn't leave any leftover points toward a new package.

History of Points Received

Players can easily check their Paragon Points received in the last 90 days. To do so, log into the NCsoft Master Account website. Once logged in, click the 'Billing Summary' link shown on the right hand side of the page.

This opens the account's Billing Summary. Toward the bottom of the page is a section labeled 'Microtransactions (Last 90 Days).' Paragon Points shown with a source of 'VIP' are those awarded as part of the account's VIP status.

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