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Set: Panacea (6)

Enhancements Set Category: Healing

Panacea: Healing/Endurance

Panacea: Endurance/Recharge

Panacea: Healing/Recharge

Panacea: Healing/Endurance/Recharge

Panacea: Healing

Panacea: Chance for +Hit Points/Endurance

Set Bonus:

(2) Improves your Recovery by 2.5%%.

(2) Increases Smashing and Lethal resistance by 1.58%%. (PVP)

(3) Improves your Regeneration by 10%%.

(3) Gives a 10%% chance that the user will be protected from Repel effects for 10 seconds. (PVP)

(4) Increases maximum health by 1.5%%.

(4) Reduces the duration of status effects on you by 5%%. (PVP)

(5) Improves the Recharge Time of all of your powers by 7.5%%.

(5) Increases the range of all powers by 7.5%%. (PVP)

(6) Improves all of your healing powers by 6%%.

(6) Increases melee defense by 3.13%% and lethal and smashing defense by 1.565%%. (PVP)