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Ouroboros Token

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From the Story Arc "The Ouroboros Initiation" given by The Pilgrim.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 25-50.

Souvenir's Text

Ouroboros Token

Gazing upon your Ouroboros Token, you recall your first interaction with the time-spanning group and the set of adventures you remember as

The Ouroboros Initiation

When you first arrived at the Ouroboros enclave you had no idea what to expect. Your first interaction with Mender Lazarus was peculiar. He already knew you, yet you had never met him. He explained this as one of the drawbacks to time travel and 'first introductions' which may not be the same for all parties involved. He then explained Carbon Law and how there was an invisible tether to how far a being could travel in time forwards or backwards from its origin point.

Mender Lazarus then had you extract some information from the 5th Column, forcing you to go back in time to when that group existed. Upon returning, you talked to Mender Tesseract who explained Temporal Scaling.

After that, you completed a task for Twilight's Son, who is the last of the Kheldian race from the far future. From him you learned about the coming storm that alters the course of the universe.

Finally, you met with Mender Silos, the founder of Ouroboros who is over one million years old. He explained the Pillar of Ice and Flame, and how it can be used to go back and experience older missions and stories from your past again, correcting the time stream from an unknown malevolent force.

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