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=== The Vahzilok Plague (15-19) ===
=== The Vahzilok Plague (15-19) ===
{{Mission StoryArc The Vahzilok Plague}}
{{Mission:StoryArc The Vahzilok Plague}}
== Missions ==
== Missions ==

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Olivia Chung
Olivia Chung.jpg
Zone Steel Canyon
Coordinates (-2902, -68, -2384)
Level Range 15-19
Introduced By == Level 10-14 ==
Sanjay Chandra
Alfonse Rubel
Wilson Zucco
== Level 15-19 ==
Fareed Abdullah
Wyatt Anderson
Kong Bao
Sgt. Suzanne Bernhard
Tom Bowden
Vitaly Cherenko
Guy Denson
Mark Freeman
Cho Ge
Maggie Greene
Virginia Hoffman
Thao Ku
Jake Montoya
Karen Parker
Colleen Saramago
Warren Trudeau
Introduces == Level 15-19 ==
Fareed Abdullah
Wyatt Anderson
Kong Bao
Sgt. Suzanne Bernhard
Tom Bowden
Vitaly Cherenko
Guy Denson
Mark Freeman
Cho Ge
Maggie Greene
Virginia Hoffman
Thao Ku
Jake Montoya
Karen Parker
Colleen Saramago
Warren Trudeau
== Level 20-24 ==
Jim Bell
Dennis Ewell
Tyler French
Amanda Loomis
Hinckley Rasmussen
Lt. Manuel Ruiz
Enemy Groups Badge villain cot.png Circle of Thorns
Badge villain hellions.png Hellions
Badge villain outcasts.png Outcasts
Badge villain tsoo.png Tsoo
Badge villain vahzilok.png Vahzilok
Badges Badge stature 03.png Plague Stopper Badge
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Olivia Chung is a hero contact in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Steel Canyon at coordinates (-2902, -68, -2384). Olivia Chung is a Mutation origin contact. Her level range is 15-19.


Contact Introduced By

Level 10-14

Level 15-19

Contact Introduces

Multiple contact options
Missing text
Single contact option
You should meet a friend of mine.

Level 15-19

There's a technology expert named Fareed Abdullah you should talk to. He's a very interesting guy and knows a great deal about the Clockwork and the Lost. Fareed deals with folks out of Steel Canyon these days.

Fareed is very kind and courteous.

There's a great young historian you should talk to named Wyatt Anderson. He's an expert on the history of all things super-powered, and he can be a big help to new heroes like you. He's especially interested in taking down the Clockwork and the Trolls. Wyatt's research has him in Steel Canyon these days.

Wyatt has a wealth of information.

There's a Hmong businessman named Kong Bao who's a real leader in his community. You should talk to him. I'm sure you'd find him quite helpful, especially when it comes to the Tsoo and the Circle of Thorns. Mr. Kong has strong ties to Skyway City.

You will be helping a great man, Character.

I suggest you go speak to Sgt. Suzanne Bernhard in the street crimes division. She's a good person to know, especially when you're dealing with the Tsoo or the Council. Sgt. Bernhard works the desk in Skyway City.

Suzanne always has her eyes on the streets.

You should meet Tom Bowden. He's an NSA agent recently assigned to Paragon City. His first assignment is trying to crack the Clockwork puzzle, but he also has a chip on his shoulder for the Lost. Tom's government connections have him in Steel Canyon these days.

Tom is very focused, and knows what he is doing.

Have you ever met Vitaly Cherenko, the mystic healer? He's a walking hospital, only he uses magic instead of bandages. You should talk to him and see if you can help each other defeat the Tsoo and the Circle of Thorns. Vitaly can usually be found in Skyway City.

Many people don't understand the work Vitaly is doing, but that doesn't mean it's not important.

I know a courier named Guy Denson who would like to meet you. He runs all over town delivering important packages, and he's helped lots of heroes with the Clockwork and the Lost. Guy's routes have him in Steel Canyon now.

Guy will steer you to the heart of trouble.

Mark Freeman is a mutant with the ability to communicate with machines. He has been focusing his attention on the Clockwork activity lately, altough he's also interested in the mysterious Lost. Mark makes his home in Skyway City.

Mark can be a little brusque, but he has a connection that no one else can possibly match.

I know this guy, his name's Cho Ge. He's a little shady. He even used to be a gangster, but these days he's working for the good guys. He knows everything about the Tsoo and the Council. Cho Ge hangs out in Skyway City nowadays.

As long as you watch your step with Cho Ge, you will benefit from his knowledge

Maggie Greene is a class act and a good reporter. She'll do good by you. Her investigations have led her to focus on the Clockwork and the Trolls. Maggie files her reports in Skyway City.

Maggie has better instincts than almost anyone I know. Listen to her and you will have plenty of action.

You'd never guess it to look at her, but the sculptor Virginia Hoffman really knows a lot about what's going on in this town, especially with the Tsoo and the Circle of Thorns. You should talk to her. Ms. Hoffman lives in Steel Canyon these days.

Virginia is very eccentric, but she has a good heart and is really interested in doing the right thing.

+++ Missing Information +++

Missing intro text

Missing rest of text

Did you ever hear of the Red Tiger? He retired right after the war, and now he's just Jake Montoya. He may not wear a costume anymore, but he can sure help those who do, especially with information on the Clockwork and the Trolls. Jake has retired to Skyway City.

Jake has his eye out for new blood to take up the mantle of heroism.

Detective Karen Parker has a great reputation as a tough but fair-minded cop. If you're respectful and show her you're competent, I'm sure she'll be happy to work with you on the Tsoo and Council. Detective Parker investigates crimes out of the Skyway City precinct.

Detective Parker can be harsh, but only when it's warranted.

Do you have any contacts with Hero Corps yet? Even if you do, you should really talk to Colleen Saramago. I think she'd be happy to give you some assignments dealing with the Clockwork and the Trolls. Hero Corps has stationed Colleen in Steel Canyon.

Hero Corps has a very good information network.

FBI Special Agent Warren Trudeau would like to have a word with you. He's particularly eager to work with new heroes like you in combating the Tsoo and the Council. Agent Trudeau is on special assignment to Skyway City.

I think you will find Agent Trudeau to be very helpful.

Level 20-24

Have you ever read any of Jim Bell's articles in the paper? He's a great reporter who's been doing a lot of articles on the Tsoo and the Warriors. Jim has access to Training Enhancements.

Jim is outspoken and opinionated, but he is extremely well informed.

Do you ever read Dennis Ewell's columns? He's quite a writer, and he told me he'd like your help taking out the Tsoo and the Warriors. Dennis has access to Training Enhancements.

Dennis isn't convinced that the heroes of Paragon City are much better than the villains, but he is coming around.

There's an amazing guy named Tyler French who runs a youth sports program; it keeps troubled teens off the streets. He hears a lot and likes to help heroes out, especially with the Tsoo and the Warriors. Tyler has access to Training Enhancements.

Tyler is really great for the kids, Character. Help him out however you can.

The INS has a woman named Amanda Loomis who works well with heroes. She is trying to keep the Tsoo situation from turning any uglier than it already has, and she also has a deep interest in the Warriors. Amanda should be able to get you Training Enhancements.

Amanda likes to use metaphors, but she understands the realities of Paragon City all too well.

I know a rather interesting fellow named Hinckley Rasmussen. He works as a researcher for the Midnight Squad and takes an interest in helping heroes like you fight the Tsoo and the Warriors. Hinckley has access to Training Enhancements.

+++ Missing Information +++

Missing intro text

Missing rest of text



Olivia Chung was born in Taiwan and moved to the United States with her family when she was ten years old. Ever since, she has lived a life carefully balanced between two cultures, embracing American ways while retaining her Chinese roots. An accomplished entrepreneur and author of several books, it was a natural step for her to start publishing a weekly paper aimed at Asian-Americans and immigrants living in Paragon City. Called the Asian Paragon, this paper is a valuable resource to tens of thousands of readers each week. Publishing the paper has put Olivia in touch with all the strata of the immigrant community in Paragon City. She is especially troubled by the growing power of the Vahzilok, and she's always eager to help police and heroes by telling them whatever she hears through her web of contacts.

Prior to Introduction

I'm so sorry, but I'm on deadline. Try talking to Active Contact if you need a lead.

Initial Contact

I try to help as much as I can, but I am glad you are here. Your strength and skill are needed.


  • I want to thank you in advance for helping with these problems.
  • Oh, hello! I have much to tell you.

Too Busy

You're overworked as it is.

No More Missions

I don't have any leads for you; Character. Check with your other contacts.


You are a friend, Character. I have some new Enhancements in my store, if you would crae to look. I am always happy to help such a devoted person. I will give you my private number, if you will promise to use it.

Missing Store Unlock Dialogue

  • Level 15 Mutation/Science Dual Origin Enhancements (200% base costs)
  • Level 20 Mutation/Science Dual Origin Enhancements (200% base costs)

Badge Mission

Template:Mission Badge Plague Stopper

Story Arc

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 12 Reward Merits.

The Vahzilok Plague (15-19)

Mission:StoryArc The Vahzilok Plague


Template:Mission Common Recover the tome from the Vahzilok Template:Mission Common Interrogate some Outcasts on the street Template:Mission Common Defeat Outcasts in Steel Canyon Template:Mission Common Go to Faultline and stop the Vahzilok raids Template:Mission Common Recover the Talisman of Jiang Li Template:Mission Common Hit the streets and cull the numbers of the Vahzilok Template:Mission Common Go to Boomtown and stop the Outcasts from harassing the populace Template:Mission Common Stop the Vahzilok from making off with Steel Canyon citizens

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