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This article is about the Primal Earth leader of the Warriors. For the Praetorian version of this character, see Odysseus (Praetorian).

Obysseus, with Fists of Vulcan

Odysseus is the rumored leader of the Warriors, one of Paragon City's most fearsome street gangs. Odysseus can be fought in the third mission of the Mortimer Kal Strike Force.

Alexander 'the Great' Pavlidis betrays the Warriors because he feels that Odysseus, the leader of the Warriors, has "strayed from the path of honor" in his business dealings.

No one knows how Odysseus climbed to power, although it is speculated that he stole a magical artifact from a defeated hero, or possibly did a favor for the Circle of Thorns, or even sold his soul to an Arachnos mystic. To date he has remained hidden, directing his soldiers from the highest levels.

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