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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Paragon Studios: Dinner's on Us!

Current total: $465 as of 17:27 GMT Sept 13

Hey all, we'd like to treat the staff of Paragon Studios to dinner, courtesy of the City of Heroes community. At one of the Player Summits, one of the devs told me of a restaurant near the studio where the staff goes sometimes for occasions. This rally is to raise enough money to cover the bill for them to meet there again. But this time, the City of Heroes community is covering the bill!

We want to express our gratitude for building the world in which our imaginations have lived. They've provided an unprecedented level of support and interactivity over the years. They've talked to us, listened to our feedback, even socialized with us, all the while providing a game that has an incredible level of innovation and fun.

We don't need a lot to meet our goal of buying dinner for the Paragon Studios staff, just 67 of our loyal subscribers donating their monthly VIP fee. However, this token of our gratitude is on behalf of the entire City of Heroes community, and no matter what the future brings, we wish you all our best.

Please Note: We are having trouble with the PayPal widget not updating correctly. The donations ARE going through, even though the amount isn't updating yet. We're still checking into this, and in the meantime, we'll manually provide updates on the amount raised at least every hour or so. --TonyV 06:03, 13 September 2012 (UTC)