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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Level Pacts Disabled

With the live server publish commenced 7:30AM US EDT on Tuesday, 20 September, the ability to create new levelling pacts has been disabled as previously announced here. According to that announcement, "new Level Pacts won't be available to anybody until we have been able to revisit the system at a later point."

Signature Story Arc

The first Signature Story Arc is now available to eligible players (free for VIP players, purchasable by Premium players). The first of seven, "Who will die" commences in Skyway City for Heroes, and Cap au Diable for Villains. Two contacts, Theoden and Alastor, become available. A pop-up announcing the contact will appear; and they show on the minimap when in those zones.

The arc tells the same story from different perspectives. The first arc is three missions long, runs as a Task Force/Strike Force, can be soloed by many players, and will Exemplar higher level players to level 20. They feature a stunning new map of the Hollows for the last mission.

NCsoft announced the arcs here.