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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Look at the Carnival of Light

Magic is rare on Praetorian Earth, and the Carnival of Light are among the few who wield it. Learn more about this prominent group you'll meet in First Ward, the new Praetorian zone coming in Issue 21, by reading the D.U.S.T. report here.

City of Heroes Coming to PAX Prime

Paragon Studios will be at PAX Prime for panels, prizes, playtests, and a Meet & Greet. Join them the weekend of August 26-28 to learn about City of Heroes Freedom, get some playtime with new content, talk to the developers, and have a chance to win some awesome prizes. Read the official announcement for complete details.

Products Discontinued at the NCsoft Store

With the launch of City of Heroes Freedom drawing near, some products will have to say goodbye. As a result, all Booster Packs, Expansions, and Boxed sets in the NCsoft store will be discontinued on August 30, 2011. Many great deals are still available until then, however, so check the official announcement for complete details.