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January 15, 2006

Spam Filter

Well, if you've been checking the Recent Changes page, you may have noticed that the Paragon Wiki has lately been the victim of some vandals who are, no doubt, trying to increase their sites' link counts by posting hidden links to sites of, shall we say, questionable repute, in articles.

If you're thinking about doing this (or have done this), I'd like to remind you of three things. First, this site is a purely volunteer effort, which basically means that you're going to hell, have a nice day! Second, this wiki is configured with rel=nofollow links that do not get followed by search engines, so your site is not getting credit for links from this site and you're wasting your time. Third, I do check this site for changes at least once a day (usually more), and your links are taken down before any search engines really have a chance to see them.

Nevertheless, I resigned myself a long time ago to the old Internet adage that if you build it, they will attack. I guess that I should take it as a kind of backhanded compliment that my site is important enough now to be spammed! Anyway, to alleviate the issue, I've implemented the wiki spam filter that the Wikipedia uses. Thanks, Taxibot Yellow for pointing me to it!

If you have trouble editing or posting a legitimate article, please let me know by e-mailing me at, and I apologize in advance.