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This page lists all currently relevant news headlines. The list will be displayed on the Main Page. Only major news relevant for the whole community should be displayed here. News headlines are listed in reverse chronological order (latest news at the top).

News headlines

We are heroes. This is what we do.

We are heroes. This is what we do. Remember those words. Please bookmark this forum and check back here frequently, as I'll also be posting stickies at the top that are "Calls to Action," things that we need you to do or expertise we need in order to progress in our efforts. I'll be posting news and information here, and more importantly, what you, the City of Heroes community, can do to help our efforts. --TonyV

Farewell, Paragon Studios

This just in: "This morning we announced that Paragon Studios will be taking to the skies of City of Heroes for the last time." Paragon Studios, and City of Heroes with it, will be closing soon. For more information please see this page on the Official Website. You can join in on the discussion of this announcement on the Official Forums, here.

This Week at the Paragon Market

New and featured this week is the Praetorian Android Transformation Power Pack, which includes two costume transformation powers at a 50% cumulative discount: the Praetorian Clockwork Transformation Power and the Mk-VI "Victoria" Costume Transformation Power. 480 Paragon Points (pp).

This week also sees 25% off XP Boosters, and 50% off a grab-bag of useful Enhancement Sets. These include: Encouraged Accuracy, Discouraging Words, Gaussian's Synchronized Fire-Control and Dark Watcher's Despair; Performance Shifter and Energy Manipulator; and Numina's Convalescence, Miracle, Theft of Essence, Regenerative Tissue and Touch of the Nictus (additionally, you can buy individual Enhancements from these sets for 25% off of their normal prices).

Please remember that Store-bought enhancements cannot be sold or traded to other players but can be emailed to other characters on your own game account. For more information see the official announcement and check the Paragon Market in-game.

Nature Affinity is Live

The new support power set, Nature Affinity, is live. Control the forces of nature and call forth primal energies to aid your allies and hinder your foes. Featuring buffs, heals and debuff effects, and a stackable Bloom effect to boost the healing effects on you and others. Nature affinity is a primary power set for Defenders, and a secondary power set for Controllers, Masterminds, and Corruptors. Available in the Paragon Market for 800 Paragon Points(pp); or as part of the Nature Affinity Power Pack for 880pp which also includes the Leaves Aura and Autumn Path Aura.

Signature Story Arc 2: Episode 3

The third episode of the second Signature Story Arc, Pandora's Box, is now live. Free for VIP players and available in the Paragon Market for other players. Levels 40-50, contacts are Flashfire in Founders Falls and Socrates in St. Martial.

It's a race for absolute power, and only one side can win. Can you reach the box before the competition? And what will happen if Pandora's Box is opened?

This Week at the Paragon Market

This week sees more nature, with 25% off the Natural Origin Cape (Autumnal), Leaves Aura and Autumn Path Aura. There's also 25% off the Mastermind and Controller archetypes. Finally, 50% off four Holds enhancement sets: Ghost Widow's Embrace, Basilisk's Gaze, Lockdown and the very rare Unbreakable Constraint. For more information see the official announcement and check the Paragon Market in-game.

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